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  That's weird that he can't read upside down.  Is it possible he was misdiagnosed and actually has a different LD?  Not that it really matters now that he's an adult.
Now that DS is 4 3/4 yo, there isn't the same kind of month to month changes going on, so I have no major new developments to share.  I do have a cute moment though:   I had sent DS up to bed (actually, that is a new development come to think of it, DS goes to sleep on his own) and was going up to make sure he was settled in and the lights were right (small lamp on over ceiling light of.)  When I got there DS asked me to pull his box of books over to him and give him...
Arithmetic speed drills test a number of skills.  Mathematical ability is not really one of those skills.     To get through the problems, first you need to read them, then you need to form the answer in your mind, finally you must write the answer on the paper.  Though the test is meant to be about the middle step (having the answer) the first and last step (reading and writing the answer) is what costs many students the most time.  So, a student who is very...
My gut says 18.  That is in general the age at which we declare people adults and they get to take responsibility for themselves.  I am a bit stuck on 13 though for other reasons.  I'm kind of torn about it.
Since it sounds like the problem is your Dh and FIL, and not the actual kits or instructions, can you just make sure your DS builds his kits when niether your Dh nor FIL are in the house.  Just save them for mommy time.
Not retracting at 14 yo is not necessarily a problem.  The first question to ask before seeking treatment, is...  Does it actually bother your DS?  If he doesn't care and it isn't causing him discomfort, then there is no pressing need to worry about it.     It would be a concern if there were other symptoms.  If the skin was itchy or had an unusual texture or what have you, then it might indicate a problem such as yeast infection.  Unless other symptoms come up this...
The US has the highest rate of STDs of any developed country.  Most men of sexually active age in the US are circumcised (circ rates have been dropping dramatically, but those baby boys have not reached puberty yet.)  Few men in many of the developed countries with much lower rates of STDs are circ'd.   In the real world, circ does not protect against STDs.  Condoms (latex not not lambskin,) abstinence and testing protect against STDs.
I'm really glad it wasn't a serious medical problem, but I'm also really glad that your new Dr actually checked for those things.  
The sudden change in frequency may well be nothing more than a growth spurt, but it really could be a symptom of a problem that needs treatment.  The foreskin seems to be posing such a distraction to the Drs you've gone to that they are ignoring the fact that you DS's symptoms point to something either going on with his kidneys or bladder and not his penis.  You need to get the Drs to look into things that might be causing his kidneys to work faster (such as diabetes)...
Actually it was over 20 years ago in vinyl, and I don't remember what color the the cover was.  I just said "CD" b/c I figured saying "record" would confuse the youngsters.
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