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we put on an addition to our house, upstairs. what i didn't figure on was the smoke coming up from my husbands "smoking room" / breezeway. i closed off the heater vent in his room, but the smoke still comes up when we open the upstairs windows. as a last resort, i'm keeping the windows in the room above the smoke room closed, and am buying lots of tropical plants to put in the upstairs rooms.   has anybody else used plants for air purification? from what i've read on...
fake it till you make it. confidence is, as confidence does. do the things that scare you the most. do the things that you think you simply cannot.  when you push yourself through in those ways, you will *know* that you can do anything. and that will give you confidence galore.
ok -- if this is true, and they no longer have capacities for making good decisions, and they are being verbally abusive (and physically abusive?) to you -- you have got to take steps to protect yourself. firstly, guard yourself from being hit. secondly, CHANGE YOUR THINKING. she did not call you fat, what she says is just blather. you don't have to justify your weight to her! the blather about whether you'd make dinner again for your husband, DOESN'T MATTER. block it...
have you asked him what's going on? like, in a quiet time, perhaps at bedtime on the weekend. just be really open to what he has to say, don't put ideas into his head about what it might be, and see what he says. also, don't use any judging words about it, just be very matter of fact and convey to him that you are just curious as to why that's happening.
help her find new friends. school, library, extracurricular activities. encourage her to have playdates with the new friends. sorry that this is happening to you guys.
if your DS is nursing, then you have your solution to any screaming outbursts. sit somewhere where you can nurse in peace. as for the older child, bring SUCKERS.
OP: take your money back, and run!    enroll him in a nice play-based preschool where he can let his imagination run wild! and where he will be treated like the normal child he is.   sheeze.   i'm sorry to say this b/c i know you liked the school going in, but *good riddance*.   that school just sounds like waaaaaaaay too much pressure to put on little children.
what a bunch of LOSERS! i'm sorry.  
what is an IB school? my read on this is that your son is not happy there. for whatever reason. i would guess that he is picking up on something and acting out (dumping the sand, for example).    doesn't sound like a school i'd want my kid at. they seem very harsh and judgmental.   if you leave the school, they will give you a refund, right?    what's your Plan B?    
i guess i approach this question from the "faster" side. it can be veryvery frustrating to have to hold back constantly. now, if i were alone with my mother, i would stay at her pace. but if we are part of a bigger group, i would have no qualms about being the "faster" group ahead of the "slower" group. it is very difficult (IMO) for a group of 5+ to all keep identical paces. and clumsy walking that way.   i am also with young children. the youngest of whom i am...
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