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with my second child, i was doing it as soon as he was born. like, within hours. i would suggest that you take a "nursing vacation" where you just stay in bed with baby and nurse for as long as you can -- all day if you can do it. he/she will get the hang of it.
just a thought - but could you try going panty-free? or better yet, pants-less? ie, let her wear a dress with nothing on underneath WHILE AT HOME (and this is where the problem lies, not at preschool). just to see what happens. how will she react if she leaks on the floor? will it help her realize differently and possibly bypass the whole wetting the underwear thing? if you just make it the rule for the next few weeks, see if it helps? ??
offer a prize to the kids, for whoever can find the missing swim suits. make it a good prize so the kids will put their eyes to the task. i was missing the bottom of my swim suit earlier this summer. after checking the lost and found at the pool, and sorting through the folded laundry not put away, i found it in the space between the utility sink and the washing machine. but i doubt 5 or 6 suits would fit there.    i'm assuming these were dry when last seen? where do...
the trouble with alcoholism, IME, is the attitude of entitlement. the alcoholic gets to say/do whatever they please when empowered by the alcohol. damn the consequences. it's HARD for the co-dependent, who absorbs all the grief. later, the alcoholic doesn't even fully realize what was said or done, but the sober co-dependent cannot forget.   you need to break free from the relationship. you can still have a mother, but you need to accept her for who she truly is --...
to have a friend, you have to BE a friend.  you would start focusing on what you can do for THAT person, not what they can do for you. people universally love to be listened to. work on listening to others with empathy but without judgment.  it's not about being skinny or overweight, attractive or not. it's about making a connection that the other person (and you) deems valuable and important.
with few exceptions, "poor" people ALWAYS have more kids than "rich" people. go figure.  
switch doctors.  i've nursed my daughter for 5 years and the most recent comment i got from the dentist regarding her teeth: "they could be a model for excellent teeth." of course they don't know about the extended nursing. i don't discuss that with health care professionals. others here can tell you about the specifics, but i believe that nursing doesn't cause tooth decay. it's not in the "ingredients" and moreover milk doesn't "pool" in the mouth with nursing the...
there are some people who live like they have money, when in actuality, they don't.   priorities. paying what you owe someone? or going on vacation?   you've already got your answer. i just hope you don't have to take them to court to recover.
yes you have been generous. now that your generosity needs to end, see if she remains your friend. not saying that she won't but some people are TAKERS (aka: users). from your description, she fits the bill. maybe i'm wrong. but just see what happens next.
i don't know. it's not that inappropriate. considering the HUGE VARIETY of topics that are typically discussed at a shower. as i think we all know, these events can get pretty catty and off the wall crazy. what if the OP starts hearing conversations about how "gross" it is to not cut off the foreskin?? and can see the mom-to-be really taking it all in? the OP will wish she had those materials in hand. i say: pack it in your bag/purse and have it ready to hand to the...
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