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we do have shades/mini blinds. and 30+ windows. almost all of them are without any curtains/window treatments. i am considering adding some, on a case by case basis. mostly for looks. we have all new, energy efficient windows. and we LOVE the sunlight. i personally open all of the shades every morning (and shut them all every night).    my question is whether you see a virtue to going curtainless. for example, you don't have to dust/wash curtains when you don't have...
now you HAVE to complain.
i posted earlier, but i wanted to add one thing. it is very very possible that once your baby is born, and your husband sees him whole and intact, that your husband will lose all interest in having the baby circumcised. he might even gain a new appreciation for the foreskin, although he probably won't articulate that out loud.   i truly believe that, among the many myriad reasons that conspire to keep the practice of circumcision alive and well in the U.S., is the...
Fatherof3: i don't know if you're still reading or if you've moved on, but i was just thinking about your situation a little more and i wanted to clarify how old is your wife? is she 32?    i mean *no judgment* either way, but maybe she is young enough to still need her parents/her family. ??    also, doing the math as you stated earlier that you are 42, then you had your first child when you were 18?... and from the sounds of it (having had 2 more in fairly quick order),...
so how did it turn out??
i'm not a single mom either but i was at one point in my life. i saw this on the new posts, too. i agree with the PP who said your wife could easily be NOT a great parent to your son... because of her depression. i can appreciate that it is very hard for a man to bond with an unborn child, but i would argue that your son NEEDS you in his life. desperately. he IS your kid, as much as your daughters are. you will be amazed to see him when he's born, and you will know then...
ask her why she did it. just don't be judgmental about it. be forgiving of her. you might get the honest answer you desire, and then you will know.
don't bake them cookies. GIVE THEM VEGETABLES FROM YOUR GARDEN! find out what they like, and give them some good ones!   THEN approach them about trimming the tree so that there can be even more vegetables.
the sheriff probably already knows he's on the violent offenders list, they probably have past infractions on their computers. teach your daughter (and any other kids you might have) how to stay safe and what to do if the neighbor tries to talk to them or otherwise engage with them.
i don't drink diet soda myself. frankly, i'd rather "pay the price" of drinking sugared soft drinks (getting fat), than face unknown risks (cancer??) from drinking diet soda.    i think you should give up your diet soda entirely. you and your husband. keep it out of your house, and then it won't be available as the forbidden fruit when your son has his tantrums.
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