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I love the idea of a *loose* community. I miss having the support of family/friends, and would love my kids to have more exposure to elderly friends, single moms etc. in a "village" context. We're probably going to move to Maine. But we are still a few years away from anything like that, as we have prior commitments .
Because if you let them nurse to sleep, they'll be doing it forever- and they'll *never* learn to go to sleep on their own. In all fairness, my 20mnth old is still nursing to sleep. This would make a lot of folks cringe, it's not a problem though, because she sleeps with us. Older DS wanted to sleep in his "big bed", but still wanted to nurse to sleep at a little over 2 years. That was actually kinda difficult.
I'm by no means a veteran, but my kids are about the same ages, so I understand! What if you let your oldest do something independent (workbooks? reading for fun?) while you do the most crucial work for the day with your younger 2? Then, if you loose their attention it's not so stressful for you and you're able to really focus on your oldest.
If it helps, she might get the same result with just Siberian ginseng, as it's a very mild sedative. But it's usually not recommended for children. I don't know much about the rest of it,though.  Exactly what kind of doctor is this?     Remind her that aconite and jimson's weed are found in the garden, but are deadly! Everything you put in your body has an effect on it, it's just a matter of what kind and how strong. Kids bodies don't always process things as well as...
We had great luck with time4learning.com for 1st grade. It might be worth checking out. It probably has a similar set up to what you're using know though re: grades and such. A really easy was to go for a while until you find out what works might be just buying a basic math curriculum and following an age appropriate booklist (I *love* my library). At least for a while it might let you both de-stress, and a lot of great learning can happen with good literature. My kids...
I really suppose it matters what the comment was, and what the intent was. Did it come from uninformed concern? Or something unflattering that your friend has noticed? Or was it simply meant to be hurtful, and out of her/his own guilt/superiority etc?
We don't have a "school room", but we have had basement playrooms in other houses. We're about to convert our storage into a play room here too, because we need more space for the kids. We'll probably keep their school stuff there, but I expect a lot of their work and reading will be done on the upstairs couch anyway! If you do set up a space, I would recommend going more comfy, than schooly. But we're kind of unschoolish anyway.
I couldn't read this and not respond. I'm so sad for you and wish you healing, but I'd like to relate a story. My uncle was 38 when he passed away under similar circumstances. It was hard on everyone, as I'm sure you know. But my 3 cousins are all normal, healthy adultsand have good relationships with  my aunt,who remarried after a few years and seems very happy. It sounds like you have great support, and I hope very much, that there is light at the end of your tunnel as...
    The problem is: nearly every group of Christian makes up a definition that excludes others who consider themselves Christian as well. This group says you need baptism by immersion, this group says you have to speak in tongues and dress like "we" do. They might decide that "good" Christians support the Boy Scouts, or boycott the Boy Scouts and have their kids in AWANAS instead. That's why there are so many denominations claiming to be "real"Christians. Even if you do...
I don't know that I'm what you're looking for. "Quakerish", and have never had the chance to join a meeting. We're facing a big life transition and are getting back in line with our values, which includes finding an area with an active meeting.
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