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I wouldn't go back to her house. Invite your father over to yours, and find ways to nurture that relationship on neutral ground. But clearly, she does not respect you or your daughter. She sounds toxic, and to be avoided.
Hi, birthmom here. :)  I've had an open relationship with my daughter's parents all along. It's definitely changed over time. They've always been very positive and accomodating. But, for the first... well honestly 10 years or so, I was not in a place emotionally to be very involved. They sent pictures occasionally, and after I moved away I got updates through my family. I have sent pictures in return, as well as gifts like magazine subscriptions that her parents approved...
I would recommend goat milk. I seems to be a little more digestable, and compared to organic cows milk, it's not that much more expensive. I hated the smell of formula too, but didn't realize I had options. GO YOU!  
It's "dances with wolves" syndrome. Most people genuinely want to embrace minorities IMO, or think they do anyway. But it's so much easier to reduce the "other" to a set of stereotypes. At least they're mostly positive, but the whole "native americans" are in touch with land and never fight" bit is a lot like Asians being smart etc.  It is a form of racism, but it sounds like your MIL wants to make it work. I love the idea of getting her to read on the subject. Good Luck
DH and I have 4 kids. 2 hospital and 2 at home. Our family was far enough away that they weren't going to "drop in". We still didn't call anyone not directly involved until after the baby came. Depending on the time difference, we waited until the next morning! If you want your privacy, that is YOUR choice.
 Actually, if you talk to women from the countries in question, FGM is maintained by a lot of the same myths that maintain MGM. It's thought to be cleaner. Women who aren't are dirty and at risk for disease. No man will want them because their uncut labia is so ugly/smelly etc. It's thought to be mandated by community, god and ancestral spirits(depending on the area in question).  It is not done so much to remove a woman's pleasure per se, (there is debate in the...
  I've been reading about this lately. My husband has had PF for the last year. He's been trying to follow the doctor's advice, but it hurts LESS when he's barefoot than when he wears "good, supportive shoes". I'm not sure what I'm looking for. Does anyone else have experience in this area? 
I had a "wonderful" mix of a permissive mom, authoritarian grandpa, and and abusive father. Luckily my mom left dad and moving back in with her parents. But I have a very hard time with balance myself, having examples on both extremes. I find that I am more likely to be scream and get physical, or completely disengage, when I'm stressed and tired. I know it sounds trite, but just the fact that you are asking this question, instead of going on "auto pilot" is a GREAT...
I don't think it's silly at all. I would think it strange for a woman to be adamantly against circ', to understand it as violent, painful and pointless, but not tear up at the thought of someone she loves having been violated like that. I was able to protect my sons. Hopefully I can protect many more baby boys in the future. But I could not protect the baby boy that later became my husband. That makes me a little sad when I think about it too.
Sounds perfectly normal to me. As long as your baby is meeting major developmental milestones, I wouldn't worry about charts too much anyway. As long as you are focusing on breastmilk first and supplementing with mostly veggies, I think it's virtually impossible to overfeed at 7 months. Just make sure you're watching her hunger cues, not trying to finish a certain amount of food. Personally, if anything I would cut back on yogurt. There's nothing wrong with it, but your...
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