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Don't worry. My understanding is that foreskin has nothing to do with it. Some guys have more spontaneous erections than others, and it varies throughout their life. Not having a penis of my own, I speculate that when you're 3 this "new trick" is rather novel and you notice it every time.
Make sure you emphasize how important their relationship to your daughter is. You need their help to keep her safe and healthy. Stand your ground. The decision is made. Presenting the research first gives the impression that this is up for discussion. Have the print outs or whatever available if they want to see them, but don't let it become a debate.
Is she eating dairy? A lot of Celiacs have secondary lactose intolerance, which can cause awful stomachaches.
And FTR, when DH stays home with the kids, and I'm out I appreciate not feeling like I'm putting out fires the second I walk in the door. Though I admit, I really don't care what he's wearing.
I try to make sure the first thing he sees when he comes in isn't a source of stress. I make a point to straighten up the entryway/family room, and wear jeans and a shirt. I'm usually cooking when he comes in, but the kids great him. Of course, if things are really bad that day...I don't try to hide it! We are honest with each other, but I do want coming home to be a positive experience.
My friend is having her first baby and is trying to find a doula, or a Bradley instructor near Spencer. She's having a hard time, because as she says it's "in the boonies". Anybody?
GOOD FOR YOU! But if you check out the resources at the top of this forum, you'll be happy to learn that it's NOT cleaner or easier!! It was believed to be easier for a while, and now it's really just done out of cultural habit. Here in Europe, and in the rest of the world, it's never done on infants except for religious reasons. My boy's are both intact(we like to use that term, uncircumcised implies that circumcised is the norm), and have never had a problem. Diaper...
 We're humanists. We take the "maybe there is a god, but 'he' isn't really relevant to our daily lives" view. I think there is a deeper truth to a lot of the stories we tell. We read Greek myths, we do Santa, and even told them the Jesus story this year. I don't go to great lengths to convince my kids that Santa is real. I've never paid for a "phone call from Santa" or the other things that in my mind elevate the whole thing from make-believe to a bald-faced-lie.   We do...
http://video.foxnews.com/v/4508326/epidural-without-guilt/?playlist_id=86894       I hope this doesn't violate anything. This doctor wrote a book. I agree that women should be able to choose epidurals, and make their choices without guilt. But he references "lots of studies" that disprove the "myth" of a link between epidurals and ceasarean rates, and a couple other things that don't make sense. Does anyone know what he's talking about?    I don't want to bash this...
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