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I know as AD, you're not accustomed to paying for your care, and didn't expect to when you started out. But if you want to maintain your integrity, you really only have 2 choices. Pay your midwife for the services she renders, or explain the situation and go with another provider (do you have access to an MTF?). She might even be able to work out a payment option or reduced fee, depending on your situation  If you really want a homebirth, $1500 isn't that bad. I'm an AD...
I didn't read the rest of the replies, but here's food for thought: IF he hates being intact, if it causes him physical and emotional trouble,  he can get circ'd later. He will understand what is being done and will be able to get proper pain medication during and after the decision. Most importantly, it will be HIS choice.  If you get him circ'd now, and he hates it, if it causes him pain or heartache, he can't undo it later, and that choice will have been taken from...
coconut oil. A little pricey, but in most sweets the taste is great, and the texture is as nice as butter
I just had a homebirth in Germany. My understanding is that German midwives go to a 3 yr specialized school for midwives. Beyond that though, you also need to consider insurance and culture of practice. It is getting harder for homebirth midwives in Germany due to some changes in insurance law. But being an EU citizen makes it MUCH easier to live and work in other EU countries. Good luck, we're having the same conversation at our house!
My oldest DD slept fitfully on her back, and it was miserable for all 3 of us. I laid on my back in bed, with her head basically between my breasts. I was careful to keep the blankets low, and kept her warm in a fleece sleeper. Good Luck, it does get better!
Hi! DH has been a friend for years. We're definitely of the liberal variety. I know the UU bookstore online has a lot of kid/family focused books that would be compatible with the Quaker worldview. I haven't read it yet, but have "non-violent communication" on my "to read" list.
Quote: Originally Posted by blessedwithboys excuse me if i shouldn't ask, but am i reading this this right? he THOUGHT he was intact? would it be rude of me to ask how that happened? He's got what I guess is called an "incomplete circ", so all the skin and anatomy is still there. We found out a couple years ago (when FIL was trying to get me to have me boys cut) that the doc "just took a little off the tip", so DH is actually cut- I had to try...
Quote: Originally Posted by 2boyzmama I have only heard this myth associated with Vietnam drafting, not today's military. And I'm sure it was a myth back then too. I was an officer in the AF. And although I can't personally vouch for it (I never saw any of my male counterparts naked) I also never heard of it. My oldest son was born at a military hospital and although I was asked numerous times if I wanted it, it certainly was easy to decline...
with one of my babe's milk and meat made me nauseous. I might have *died* without my hummus!!
sounds typical to me. We move a lot, and every congregation we've visited is VERY family friendly.
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