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For me, it doesn't even fit on the list. Like not beating my kids, it's a given for me. Circ is a one time decision. Granted, I didn't have spouse or family disagreements, but not circumcising doesn't require a regular time investment. Once we made the decision, it didn't even require mental energy. If it became *really* medically necessary for one of the boys, we'd do it, no guilt involved. But short of that, it's didn't happen and it won't.
For me, #3 was quick and easy. We got to the hosp. so late they didn't even have time for an IV! My #2 and #3 were 19mnths apart, and they are still est friends 5 and a half years later. Congrats!
Try to enlarge the pool of people you're meeting. Look into LLL meetings. Or at least find a leader who may have information about more "liberal" playgroups or such things. Look into actually taking a yoga class. Some are more spiritually focused than others, and I recommend prenatal yoga to everyone anyway! But I mostly want to say, you're not alone. I know it feels that way, but there are a lot of us odd fish floating around!
I'm so sorry you had a rough day, and some lady who probably doesn't even have kids had to go and make it worse! I for one have probably tossed each of my kids over my shoulder at different times!
I haven't been where you are, but I have to reply. I have one brother, I have little to no relationship with him or my mother, and I am often jealous of people with close families. I know this new person in your life is not the same as growing up together, but even our spouses and best friends where new in our lives at one point. Maybe she isn't your new best friend. Every relationship is fraught with risk. But don't you at least want to be able to say you gave it a shot?...
Quote: Originally Posted by sellendie Where do the extra thousands of dollars come in by not receiving shadow care? If referrals and such aren't handled the "right" way, some insurance companies will refuse to pay the resulting bills.
I didn't have shadow care, because only a life threatening emergency was going to get me into the hospital anyway. My earlier babes came fast, so I wasn't really concerned about things like failure to progress and exhaustion by the time I have #4 and #5 at home. In retrospect, if I'd realized homebirth was an option with my first (go you!!), I might have considered having an OB as well as a midwife.
Quote: Originally Posted by Areia My mom called it a little rose which was standard where I grew up, but she now uses proper terms with my daughter. This is one of the nicer euphemisms I've heard! It's still imprecise, but at least it's positive.
"down there", maybe privates once or twice. But my mom was SO painfully shy about anything remotely sexual, that she usually even blushed and stammered when she said "you know, down there"
It can I think. I have my issues, and I think my parents divorce had some negative effects. But know that I am older, (married 8 years BTW) I realize that my parents are dysfunctional, and I would quite likely have more issues if they'd stayed married!
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