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clearly you are a mama working really hard on this! DS was 3 when eczema flared up. He had the bleeding, oozing cracked skin too. I want to second the recommendations for oils and aquaphor. Hemp oil worked for DS, but even olive oil might give relief. Have you had allergy testing done? I'm not a big fan of medical solutions, but finding out that DS was allergic to nuts, milk and wheat, helped us remove them from his diet, and his eczema has been much more managable since...
Quote: Originally Posted by cappuccinosmom What about giving labor a try and having c-section as a backup plan (it is anyway, afterall, in hospital births)? Personally, I would want to wait to at least 40 wks to induce. Especially if the dates are off, a couple weeks can make so much difference to lung development.
First, you did a great job. I hope I can be that collected if I ever have to be. Second, if you continue to get no satisfaction from the gym, write a letter to the editor at your local paper. Legally, the gym is probably covered. But clearly something wasn't working and this poor little guy paid the price!
most of the time, they have the best intentions. They are repeating back what they have heard out of conviction that they are right. They genuinely believe that "over" attachment is a bad thing, or that it will make life easier for you if your babe is forced to be independent. It helps me to deal with folks if I keep that mindset. They're not attacking you, they are trying to be helpful, but they just don't realize *they* were sold a bunch of cultural falsehoods. For...
More details please! We're doing a lot of camping this summer! What type of diapers? What did you use to wash them out in? I might end up hand washing dipes while we move.
Adult "child of divorce" here. I was 4 when my parents separated, and eventually divorced. My mom actually kept dad's name. I was 12 or so before it even occured to me to ask why. She didn't dislike him enough to go to the effort, and didn't want the confusion of different names from us kids. Even 30 years ago attitudes towards divorcees and their kids, and I think that played into it too. But that's beside the point. When I got married, I took DH's name. I was never...
My understanding of Judaism is strictly academic. I was raised Christian, and have delved quite a bit into the history. An important thing to remember, is the difference between the original concepts as written, and the interpretations that have been influenced by culture over the last 2000 years. Christianity may have been born from Judaism, so to speak. But the varieties most common in the US came of age in Europe. Traditional concepts of heaven and hell were...
I assume it's the same as Jerusalem Artichokes? They are *very* easy to grow. They are great to cook like potatoes. If I remember right, they have a lot of invert starches, so they're good for stabilizing blood sugar too. Note to self :Gonna have to plant some after we move.
I can't see why it would be. Baby might have more chance for thrush.... but that's all I can think of.
our art collection revolves. But we've had Degas and Reubens in view of the kids. Our family altar has statues etc. that are nude and mildly sexualized. I can see how it might make others uncomfortable, but I think it is important for children to be exposed to the "sacred" view of sex, as opposed to only the commercialized variety. My oldest DD is 7, and she stills sees DH and I naked on occasion, so our art has never been strange or an issue to our kids.
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