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Quote: Originally Posted by orangebird This just made me wonder. Does anyone know what is happening in China with regard to sex ratios? I know I could look it up, I probably will as soon as I post this. But since there are more men in that culture (as opposed to the usual equality of the sexes with the occasional female majority due to war and the like) what are the men doing? Are many of them leaving the country? I am assuming they aren't adopting a...
Sun cookies!! Sugar cookies w/ yellow/orange frosting. I'm making them with my kids this year.
Natural disasters are pretty easy for me, the Mother does what she does. If you happen to be in the way, physics and nature don't discriminate. Some of the horrible things people do to each other, I have a little more trouble sorting out.
Hopefully a few parents will be struck by the fact that there's an option and set out to do some research.
And none of the medical personnel corrected him on it being a "health issue"? That' swhat I find the worst. You would think educated people who see these babies go through ATTEMPT to educatet he parents instead of soliciting unnessary surgery!!
I couldn't read this and not respond. For practical advice, I say go with black. As long as you're generally "mainstream" looking and put together, taking your babe shouldn't make anyone blink an eye. For the rest of it, I hope things go your way love, police reports carry a lot of weight. Is hubby okay? How are you holding up? That's a horrible thing to go through!!
I do find it strange how we look at African manhood rituals regarding circ' as brutal and steeped in superstitoin.(nak) But never turn the same lense on ourselves.
I've been using the keeper for 4mnths. I use a cloth pad for backup, but I can't imagine going back to disposables!
Quote: Originally Posted by GathererGirl Dear Auntie told me that in her country (Bolivia) people feed their babies and then put them down, because they have things to do and can't be holding their babies all day long. Because clearly I don't have things to do, being one of those lazy housewives/SAHMs and all. That's a little strange. When my Aunt, who's in her early 70's saw DD in the sling she said, "that's so good for them, to be close to...
My DH is in Iraq. He is working so many hours, He didn't call until Mon. All my family is back in the states. Though one of our childless neighbors grilled out for the neighborhood(all the guys are gone), so atleast I didn't have to cook.
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