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My personal opinion: let him play, play, play!!! There is danger in putting emphasis on academics at this age, unless the child shows some interest ON HIS/HER OWN! Numerous studies show that children later "burn out" in the elementary years because they simply hadn't the time to be children earlier (if they were prematurely introduced to academics, that is). He's three, relax, have fun with him and give him plenty of opportunities to explore things on his own.
I am so sorry for your friend's (and your) loss. I thought maybe you could check out a bereavement group in your area for your friend. Maybe ask the leader of the group for suggestions about comforting and providing for your friend. My deepest condolences.
Hi! I'm a Waldorf-er myself and I'd say limit the group time to one or two days per week. I'd also be sure that everyone knows the rules: this is NOT social hour for the adults. It is time for whatever has been planned! I just know of two groups for whom this did not work well simply BECAUSE the rules were not followed (do your handwork and focus on what's best for the children!). We had a Barbara Dewey workshop last fall and she made this very clear, as well. Out...
Actually, I like the smoked tofu! The herb-flavored one tastes exactly like chicken to me and I recently just heated it up and cubed it for a rice recipe. Soooo good!!! Forget who makes it but you can find it in the refrigerated section at the market.
That is hilarious! I made sure to forward it to some friends. :LOL
Mama Bee, are you in Maryland? I like www.waldorfhomeschoolers.com. I also recommend going to Yahoo Groups and doing a search for "Waldorf Homeschooling". I belong to Southern Maryland Homeschoolers Network (SMHN), Waldorf, Waldorf Homeschoolers, and WE_HS. There is one on there called Everyday Waldorf which has tons of suggestions, circle songs, etc..
Just looking to find other Waldorf homeschoolers in MD! We live near Annapolis.
Yeah, my dh used to say "fire%uck" when he was little. :LOL
YAYYYYYY! I'm so happy for you! Where is the school located?
Hi, all. I am SOOO frustrated at my FIL's recent response to our (well, my, I guess) decision to homeschool. Our girls are 5 and 3 so we will be beginning with Kindergarten in the fall. I should add we will be using Waldorf pedagogy/curriculum. I've always thought of him as an open-minded individual but his lack of understanding of Waldorf education, to start, and now, of homeschooling and the pros it has to offer is downright annoying!! He says the homeschoolers he...
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