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I agree, Eclipse, & almost added 'intact daughters' to the thread for political reasons (since MGM & FGM are analogous), but for purposes of accuracy (since most MDC members don't have circumcised daughters) just kept it to boys & men. 
8 1/2 & 10 & nary a prob!
There seems to be a lot of emphasis on foreskin problems here, & while I am so happy that this is a sane & accurate resource for those with rare medical problems, I just wanted to get a more accurate poll out there regarding the infrequency of problems. So please vote!
Thanks, if you could vote it would be very helpful!  
8 1/2 & 10, neither retractable yet, no issues.
http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/531522/a-poll-retraction The old poll is 5 years old, & besides new members, lots of us have had more kids, kids that are older, etc. Time for new data. (May be anecdotal, but still useful for those who are still getting outdated info from their families & health care providers.) Thank you for participating. 
That is hands down the best smegma post ever. (We really need to coin a new name for the stuff.)
Sorry I missed the update! Yay, you!
Er, yeah, I would skip the steroid. My kids are 8 & 10 & don't retract yet. No worries. (Is that poll still around I started like in 2005, where the average age of first retraction was?) It's not their fault that the medical textbooks are so outdated in this country (though they really ought to research for themselves. I mean, if we can...) Anybody have a European medical database, for the Dr's to have a peek at? 
My sons weren't born yet when I first started posting here, and at the ages of 8 & 10, one's response to a woman last night elsewhere (when I asked him in exasperation, "What would you tell this woman, who insists that her kid is going to thank her one day for circumcising him?", was: "Woman, you're crazy.")   If I could post the expression of unbelieving disdain... Trust me. No kid wants to think about his mother having parts cut off his penis, unless she already...
New Posts  All Forums: