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Yes- I know that it is truly their loss. My kids are amazing, & if all anyone sees is a dx when they look at their brilliant, loving grandchildren, they are the ones with something missing. Remember the parable of 'The Little Prince'; "What is essential is invisible to the eye."
Quote: Originally Posted by MommyPam what do we do with the fact that DS is by far the most social member of our family? He often draws other kids to him like flies to honey - because in his hypomanic times he is often FUN, CHARISMATIC, DARING and more EXCITING than you can imagine. Of course, he's also irritable, erratic and explosive, so it can be hard to keep friends. Yeah, ds is the social butterfly in the family. You nailed it (your...
it's not fiction, but sarah ban breathnach's book (man, title escapes me- it's a daily essay book) is something i find inspirational when i find myself flustered or depressed- about seeking your authentic self. it's a morning ritual for me w/ coffee. i'm reading a really trashy historical romance right now, though it chagrins me to admit it. :embarassed otherwise i'd just second the sedaris .
squee! the thread and i are both back! reread 'emma' recently; other than that, it's been awhile. any new books?
At least you know they won't read it.
It's amazing, isn't it? What was it, like 4300 of them in the whole US? (Sorry, I have a fierce headache, which has gotten worse after trying to reread my steaming pile of verbiage .) Cinci has a BP research center, eh? I've made a few Ohio road trips in the day. (I am due to interview a new pdoc nearby, & SIGH. It gets so old. And I'm getting tired of being told not to homeschool because of cultural prejudices that have nothing to do with his mental health! The...
Wednesday, when I was going the dx route w/ ds, I found the most valuable thing I could do was, once I was convinced (and other knowledgable people as well- and from what you describe...) he most likely had pediatric bp (after all, my biodad & ds's half-sister & myself are all bp), but was waking up to the realization that these experts are simply reading (for the most part- there are some harder-working, more inquisitive pdocs out there I've been fortunate enough to run...
No prob.
"Please stop smelling the cat's anus!" No, I never envisioned myself finding it necessary to use that sentence.
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