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I appreciate Islam's focus on alms for the poor, & the art. I love the acceptance of Buddhism, the wisdom of Tao. The pagans' reverence for the earth & the universe. Heck, most religions have wonderful things about them, which is why I try to incorporate the best of them into my personal belief system.
we had a balloon licking episode at lunch today. it was pretty graphic (you haven't lived till you've had a spitting ticcing kid- first spit, then lick. yum.)
Quote: Originally Posted by MyTwoAs It's good to come here and not read "like OMG you're medicating your kid?" posts hehe. I knew I could count on you mommas for support. Not so much in this forum . (My bitch is the cost; dag, I'm broke paying even the copays on this stuff.)
oh, brava, mama. well done. smack 'em in the wallet, it's the only thing that will change the prevailing ignorance.
seemed like an awful lot of screaming going on for older, anesthetized boys willingly undergoing the surgery ...
Ew. Can proud girl-cutters join too?
it's good to meet you. thank you for speaking out! and welcome!
yup, i'm glad it worked! (fwiw, if anyone else tries this technique, well, the appendix does have a function in the immune system, and they did used to remove them prophylactically, just like tonsils. so be prepared. the function of the foreskin is a hella lot more obvious, though .)
When I get discouraged I take a break, too. Here's one thing to remember, in the meantime- remember how receptive the teens are. They are the only ones rebellious enough (for the most part) to dare question authority. When the 'sophisticated' grups have gotten too old & too stupid to be reached, think of the teenagers. They 'get it'. They are tomorrow's parents, lawmakers, & doctors. (And, they are internet-savvy ; the higher we rank in Google, the more we reach. Think of...
Oh, so clever, they are. So sophisticated. Why, it's just like The New Yorker. Why don't we take an informal poll amongst even the most brainwashed, pro-circ men we could muster, and ask them how amusant they find the title?
New Posts  All Forums: