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oh no, not uncomfortable at all! i'm just discussing, bringing up food for thought. carry on.
i'm sorry, i was not mentioning it to make it inconvenient for you to describe your situation, but for political/media/medical reasons. like the 'watch your language' bit about bfing- bfing is no 'better'; 'ff is worse'. kwim? words shape how we think.
i think you will get through it; they totally need a distraction (new cat?). re: fur, i am amazed how much less shedding their is with *regular* (yes, I thought I was grooming them enough, but apparently not) brushing. i was just using a curry brush, but i got a slew of different brushes when i got angora buns and each one serves a diffrent purpose and removes more hair. it's good for them, and soothes my nerves too. it has been so much easier than just trying to roll it...
they recommend pineapple juice or papaya tablets for angora rabbit hairball digestive issues (rabbits CAN'T puke, which makes it more deadly for them); i wonder if that would be helpful for cats? my new(er) girl barfed twice today on her first round around the house (she has mostly stayed in my room for the past week); i think it was nerves.
i'm waiting on monday for a new kitty. i love manx cats, they are so dear. there are so many cats for rescue- if i ever re-dog (mine passed at age 15 a couple of years ago) i will probably want a puppy, but middle-aged cats are more my style.
i have told mine to leave an angry cat alone. per continuum concept, they really do learn- it didn't take losing a finger for mine to figure out my parrot didn't like a finger poked in his cage. please don't declaw them, it's more than just their claws- it's amputating their toes. my adopted declawed cat bites. since she doesn't chase my kids around and attack them, it's fair to just tell them to leave. her. alone. your boy will learn before he loses an eye, i promise.
i was amazed learning about declawing recently, the parallels to circumcision- the justifiers sound eerily alike. i had no idea till i adopted a 'declawed' cat (it's depawing, more like). it's crippling and abusive.
just an aside- it is a pet peeve of mine to refer as male circ complications as 'botched'. no one ever refers, when the media brings it up, to a girl dying/bleeding/getting infected/having future sexual issues from circ, as a 'botched' female circ. it's all considered barbaric, horrific. there is no 'right' way to do it- how can it be 'botched'? i want to remove the word 'botched' from being attached to male circumcisions entirely. how would one describe a girl with...
can we set up something like this: http://www.declawhallofshame.com/ ?
on name nerdery: you know, when i was in jr high, me and a friend made name lists. this was way pre-internet, and we acted like it was as embarassing as masturbating- a huge secret. i would've been mortified if my parents found the lists, for example. how normal is this? is it considered more normal, now that we could all flock together on the net? do little girls still get embarassed, or is it all in the open now, with all these name sites? in 1974, my list was:...
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