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Thanks SnakeWoman!!! I really appreciate the info. Actually, it sounds like there is a lot more going on in Lancaster then here on LI (not too many HS'ers in my area, or even my county for that matter). And a limited amt of classes... PA is sounding better and better. Happy Homeschooling!!
Oh, thank you all so much for your replies. It's so hard to make a decision by just reading the (extremely vague and confusing) laws. Hearing about other families' experiences makes such a difference. We are Catholic but belong to a wonderful Christian HS group here on LI, so I would definitely be interested in a Christian group in PA. Thank you all again.... I can sleep tonight without being so worried!
Oh, Thank you all for your replies. I had thought of NJ, but can't really find RE as affordable as in PA, my DH needs to be near the larger cities for work, so I can't go too rural. I will look into that Unschoolers group, I feel like I need all the resources I can get to make the right decision. Thank you all again!
Thank you for your reply... Well, I was thinking about Monroe County, maybe Pocono or the surrounding are. I'm mostly concerned about the non-vaxing.... Do you have to supply the medical records at the start of every year?? Also, how much do you include inthe portfolio?? Yes, NY, PA , MA, and VT are highly regulated. How long have you been HS'ing??
Hello there, I am a HS'ing mama currently living in NY, but my family is considering a move to Pa (economical reasons). I would love to hear from some hs'ing mamas in PA about thier experiences withtheir districts. Also, we are non-vaxing, so I would love to know if any mamas out there in PA have a hard time with their district. I have checked the regs from HSLDA, but it's always nice to hear from someone first hand. I would greatly appreciate anyone responding to me,...
Next week dd is going in to a children's hospital (outpatient) for dental surgery - 1 extraction, 1 root canal (pulpectomy) , and a few small fillings, all to be done under general anesthesia. I am worried to death - she is extremely apprehensive with doctors, dentists etc. We are going to have the pre-anesthesia "sleepy drink" to calm her beforehand, otherwise it will just be a mess. Does anyone have any "been-there" advice? I have checked the archives for any...
Hey, after 5 days I've finally gotten the hang of it. Yes, I took the stem completely off mine. MUCH better! I also called Diva and it turns out to be a common complaint - the feeling that it is slipping out - I've been told that some Kegals will help - 100 - 200 per day. I really do love the Diva - especially when it's up high and not down around my ankles!!! I'm going to try the Kegals for the next month before my cycle starts and se if it makes a...
Just started using my new diva cup yesterday and I'm having a bit of trouble. It keeps falling out!!! Not exactly out, but it keeps...sliding outward. I've trimmed the stem twice already - it keeps pinching my skin. Should I just cut it off alltogether?
Thanks for the great sites! Here's a couple I've been using www.homeschooldiscount.com www.mcsdk12.org/curr - nice info on oceans & undersea life www.amnh.org/education/resources - excellent!
Wow mamas! Thanks for the info. I'm going to look into each suggestion - I wish I had done this 2 months ago!! I feel pressured to begin our scholing, but thankful that I have the freedom to postpone (yay for home schooling!)
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