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oh, mamaduck...we're so lucky to have more information these days. Parents just tried to do their best, thought what they were doing was the right thing I'm sure. Apparently dh was a bedwetter. My MIL is a very understanding person and a wonderful mother so they were all able to get through the situation allright. We'll just keep up with the pull-ups and hope for the best!!
Lucy - I get it now. I really think this is going to be a great program for us. Dd is very visual and artistic, so I like that we can tailor the activities accordingly. I also love that each day is one subject. I would not like the idea of having to have time slots alotted ; 10-11 math , 11-12 science....this just makes much more sense. Though I'm sure I'll get the "oh no!! It's not Math day again!!"
Thanks Mamas, I realize we're not alone here. I don't have a problem per se with the pull-ups. I don't really know much about night time training, when it should be normal for a child to have dry nights. alexa07, thanks for the info, too. Very interesting. Wonder what our moms did before pull-ups. Probably alot of laundry!
DD still wears pull-ups overnight, she trained late and we haven't tackeled the night time thing. My thoughts were to just let her be and when the pull-ups are dry, then she won't need them any more. But that seems to be so long and far away!! Anyone else have any sound advice?
Thanks Lucy. I have heard great things about the program, When you re-row I assume you use books that are more challenging and age-appropriate? I'm still getting to know about FIAR and have some questions. I'm going to skip kinder, so I thought that FIAR would be a good choice.
We used the Cosco Eddie Bauer - I wasn't happy with it. We only used it for about a year, then dd outgrew the straps. We chose the Britax Super Elite (no longer made under thet name) and I can keep her in it to 80lbs with a harness. I'm saving my $ for the Marathon for ds, 30lbs and rear-facing now in a 4yo Fisher Price from dd. I wish I had bought the Roundabout instead of the FP - I would have saved in the long run. Sometimes it pays to buy the better seat.
Heard great things from a mom who uses FIAR and I visited their website. It seems like a nice program. Right now I'm looking for a cirriculum to start dd in September. Anyone use it and love it -or not?
I have heard wonderful things about the Britax Marathon, and new Wizzard. They may seem costly, but I have 5 carseats for my 2 kids, If I had bought a Britax for dd when she was born I would have saved alot of $! I'm saving for the Marathon for ds, it will take him to 60lbs in a 5pt harness. Dd is in the Super Elite which will take her to 80lbs in a harness. I tried the Eddie Bauer (Cosco) seat and a Fisher-Price and they don't hold a candle to the Britax...
I have a 1 year old Baby Trend that i can wear my 30lb chubba lub in for about 2 1/2 hrs max. It does kinda hurt my shoulders but I'm keeping it because it has a very wide and comfortable seat for ds, some of the others have a "sling" type seat that I don't feel is as comfortable for him. I would keep in mind 2 important features ( besides safety for baby of course). It should have a comfortable and wide waist band for you and be easy to adjust depending on the type...
I had a wonderful pg with dd, I could have been pg forever!! I truly didn't want it to end!! Then with ds, holy cow!! It was awful, every feeling intensified. I had so many aches and pains, stretching pains, worse morning sickness, he was breech - the whole terrible ta-do. If I have another I'm hping for a girl and a great pg like my first!!
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