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6 weeks like clockwork with each baby. The "greenies" started earlier with ds, around the 3rd week.
6 weeks like clockwork with each baby. The "greenies" started earlier with ds, around the 3rd week.
khrisday, hey i'm all for her expressing her emotions, just not with her fist or her teeth!! I cannot accept her violent behavior and I want it to stop. I understand what you mean about helping her express her intentions. It may be sometimes that her frustration levels escillate (sp?) and she doesn't know how to cope so she just snaps, then bites or hits. My question - is this a punishable offense? When she bit him I took her aside and firmly explained that biting...
I'm pretty much at my wits end, dd - 4 1/2 has been hurting her 13mo brother, in increasing frequency. Yesterday I found a bite mark on his back - a full-jaw bite. Don't know when it happened, I must not have been in the room at the time. Today I saw her bonk him on the head with her fist repeatedly. She's normally a very kind and loving kid, I don't know where this behavior is coming from. She's been a bit jealous since he was born but this is kind of out of the...
JayGee- I know EXACTLY how you feel! I have eczema covering half of my left hand and it just started on my right. I can't open jars or grab anything tightly. It SUCKS!!!!! I attribute my eczema to food allergies. Fro me it's soy, egg whites and dairy. There has to be something else I'm allergic to because I just had a breakout after things being okay for a while so it's back to the boring bland diet to eliminate possible allergens. I've decided to see a...
Elmo's World, anything by Madonna Any of that 80's metal music - Guns N Roses, Poison, etc. That totally annoying CD advertised on TV - Kids Bop - where a chorus of kiddies sing "today's hot tunes" :Puke
I can't remember the specifics - it was before babies! but I made candles once by pouring the melted wax into sea shells. I'm sure that would make beautiful citronella candles.
Nothing worse than having someone knock the wind out of your good news!! I agree it was totally inappropriate. Maybe she was just having a bad day? Still no excuse. I'd follow your instinct to find a new MW. BTW - congratulations!!
I'm trying to wean myself off shampoo w/ SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) and can't afford to try every one in my health food store. Can anyone recommend a nice shampoo & conditioner? I have long straight hair that tangles and frizzes easily, so something that makes hair soft and manageable would be great.
hey mamas - tonight I tried making a paste with baking soda and vinegar with lemon ess. oil, and I scrubbed inside my warm oven... WHOA!! It really worked!!! Now for the shower...!! Thanks for the recipies!!
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