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Trader Joe's sells a really yummy peanut butter - and it's organic. It has a deep peanutty flavor. Maybe what your dh and dd like about Jif is that it is really smooth.
omegamommy - lets do it!! My main objection to the article is that it is so one-sided. They did mention co-sleeping but in a way that was condescending, like "some families do it, but we wouldn't recommend it. You may kill your baby and we can't be responsible" That's just what I got from it. I can just picture the editors of the magazine compiling the article, setting a catchy little tune to it...it really made me want to :Puke
mamajulie - that is a great letter, it expresses my beliefs to a tee! R is for responding to baby's cries S is for sharing the family bed T is for trusting your natural instincts U is for unconditional love and patience
I layed on my ironing board every day for a month...baby eventually turned. Not sure if it was that or he just decided to turn on his own. I'd definately go with natural methods though, I didn't want the ob's to do an inversion. A doula friend recommended chiropractic treatments , I never got that far but I'd be willing to give that a shot!
Wow! I have one of those supersonic 4yo's too. My dd can etch paint off a car with her voice. We also have a baby (1yo) and nap time is a challenge as is bedtime. When I was pregnant with her I was in a store buying baby clothes and I saw a woman with a little girl in the cart shopping nearby. The girl got upset and started screaming and crying so loud it made my knees buckle!! I hoped to God I was having a boy...imagine my surprise when she popped...
Both my pork chops were EBF til about 10 1/2 -11mo, and now ds who's 1 year old (27 1/2lbs) eats table food very lightly, once or maybe 2x per day. DD is now a string bean at 4 1/2, she used to look like the Michelin Baby!!! Your baby sounds just perfect!!
I also get a free subscription, I don't know why. My impression of the article brought to mind V- for vomit!! Just the thought of some poor baby having to endure the whole alphabet's worth of stupid ideas - makes me so mad
I have eczema (dairy/soy intolerence) myself, it's a real bummer!! I make rice pudding for me and dd with light coconut milk and water in place of milk, and I use light brown quick cooking rice or white basmati. DD can't get enough of it!! Sometimes I put dried fruit in it, yummy Recipezaar offers a lot of vegan , dairy and soy free recipes, you might get some ideas there. I give ds and dd mashed avacado mixed in their applesauce, it cuts the tangy flavor and...
Dr.Worm, I love your quote, too. My dh once actually fell asleep on a pile of laundry I had yet to fold. He drives me nuts sometimes, I swear dh for me translates to doofus-husband. I love him anyway... actually, my MIL warned me about the men in my husbands family on holidays, they're so useless that every HOLIDAY becomes a HOLLER-DAY !!!!!!
boysrus, I do something similar with my 4 1/2yo , we have a fridge chart with certain things she is expected to do in a timely manner, and she is working towards a goal. She gets flowers when the thing is done (gets dressed, brushes teeth, etc.) and sad faces if not. I think that for her to see the sad faces shows both of us what she needs to work on, it's mostly about listening skills. She tends to tune me out and go along her merry way and do exactly as she pleases...
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