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This is my current main - Server: Norgannon Toon Name: Ametrine Faction: Horde   Alt Server: Dark Iron Toon Name: Celestite Faction: Alliance
It really depends on the bank. I had TCFBank for YEARS (finally got rid of them last year) and even though it's "accepted" through Mint, it rarely if ever worked due to TCF's security protocols. I would check out Mint's forum and see if anyone else is having the same problem with your bank.
I use my iPhone 3gS as an e-reader. I use iBooks, Nook, and Kindle apps. LOVE IT. I have gotten a TONNN more reading done because I'm able to do it one handed while nursing my little one.
Yep that's how it was for me with DS2. I found out at 3 weeks (very very early like you) and my hyperemesis started a week later. I also was exhausted but thats par for the course in the 1st trimester. Figure out what your food triggers are and try to stay hydrated. REST as MUCH as possible.
Sent you a PM!
My 7yr old plays WoW, we are on Dark Iron, Alliance. I also have the language filters on, do not let him group with others, etc. I even made a guild for all of us to make sure he doesn't accidently get into a guild w/others. He loves it!
My midwife told me excedrin is fine with the exception of the 3rd trimester, which is a relief as I would rather take the 'ced than the narcotics the old OB practice kept prescribing for me for my 2-4x per week migraines.
I commented on flickr as well, but I totally see the line, how many dpo are you? My first test for this pregnancy had a barely there line as well, I suggest testing again with FMU tomorrow.
I don't have one either but that is an awesome idea.
I haven't read heard much about it, isn't it a low/no carb and high protein diet?
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