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Quote: Originally Posted by LoveChild421 you know you should go to a nudist campground sometime- immersion therapy- I bet you'll no longer feel self-conscious in a 2 piece! Nah. I'm leaning more towards the burkini, myself. It will help protect my snow-white tan. Btw, I see your little guy was born 1 day before my dd. Cute! Happy b-day.
There's a lady at my dh's work who ALWAYS wants to hold my dd when we visit. And every time she's surprised and offended when dd isn't interested in being touched by this practical stranger. Last week, while she was pouting about it, she accusingly asked me if I was still breastfeeding. I smiled and answered, yes I am. And she huffed that it was no wonder the baby wouldn't leave my arms. What? Yeah, dd loves my breasts, but I think that's completely separate from her...
Eeee! I hate being that naked in public. Am I the only one who feels self-conscious just reading this thread? Haha. Seriously though, I am so afraid of the fact that I need a new swimsuit this year... I mean, if I wear a tee shirt over it in the dressing room, how will I know if it fits?
Thanks Readytobedone. My dh and I would love to get me therapy when we can afford it. We even have a good therapist already. But last year we had such a miserable series of unfortunate financial surprises.. and it looks like we're going to have to put both of our cats to sleep soon and the debt just keeps piling on. One big slap in the face is that $4,000 of our debt is the crappy birth center where I didn't even get to have my baby. Ugh. At least I have a wonderful,...
It's been nearly a year since my daughter's arrival. (I've noticed I can't even bring myself to call it a birth as it was a c-section.) Birth stories still bring me panic and flashbacks. There are a couple of friends who keep almost getting deleted from my facebook for even talking about their births. I wish I was joking. The friends of mine who are activists for homebirth or birth centers... I feel like I can't relate to them anymore. I feel like, even though I did...
Quote: Originally Posted by homewithtwinsmama Mom is going to roller skate with a baby???? Ummm...maybe not. Taking notes though. 40 for me in a few months:: Yeah, I missed the part about the baby being with them. Thanks for being nice about it.
How about getting a little silly and going out to a roller rink? :
I can't imagine how scary that would be. : I hope there's a good explanation.
That's so sweet!
I got two from Sears and I love them. I like them way more than my one from Target. They're longer and have a cute fit. Maybe a little too cute. My dh loves them too.
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