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My dd started teething around 3 months ago and only just got her first tooth through on Thursday. I hope you lo gets through it quickly and without too much pain!
Quote: Originally Posted by MommyJoia My MIL refers to my kids as "my baby" like when she calls she says "where is my baby" and then when I asked her what she wanted them to call her she said, "mom... you can be mommy and I can be mom" I was like, "Ummm no, I'm their mom, mommy,mother, mama... you're the grandmother" : OH MY GOD! :
Hello all. I'm terrible at keeping up with these threads. Ramona will be 6 months on the 12th. She is the sweetest, happiest little piglet. No crawling yet but she can sit up well. She's 23 lbs so crawling might take awhile. She has one little tooth on the bottom. It's sharp! She tried her first bit of banana yesterday and loved it. And last night Ramona gave me a hickey on my breast while we slept. Ramona and I still haven't been apart since the horror at the...
Quote: Originally Posted by WaitingForKiddos Really. I made a fried banana with sweet batter and then topped with with powdered sugar and thick drizzle of hotfudge....it was tasty. Where's the smiley of someone humping their dessert? I like you. A lot.
You need to teach this kid the Poopsmith Song.
My dd starts to flail in her sleep when she's wet. If I change her, she stays asleep. It works great for us. You'll figure out what works for you.
I did when my cheeks were chubbier. I just turned the pillow over and went back to sleep. Not much help, I know.
I feel like the whole designer purse thing is something I will never understand. It's like Magic Eye. I can't do Magic Eye. I can't do Magic Eye Purse either. I keep staring and staring and I just don't see whatever it is that everyone else sees. They look like ugly old lady bags. Now, add in the price tag and I am completely baffled.
I've been wondering this too. My dd loves putting her head back so her ears are under water in the bath. She'd probably go all the way under if I let her, but I don't. We haven't had any problems yet (5 months) but I think about it every time we take a bath. Anyone know the answer?
My girl loves her doorway jumper. Sometimes nothing else will calm her when she's frustrated and irritable. She didn't know how to jump in it for awhile but she figured it out eventually.
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