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My niece imitates coughing sounds. I think it's cute. Sounds to me like you're doing everything right, Mama!
Sounds adorable to me! You should make sure to get pictures.
At my niece's birthday party in March, there was no gift opening. I didn't even notice until the party was over. The kids themselves were way too busy having fun with each other to have had time for that.
Quote: Originally Posted by lolo Burt's Bee's diaper cream cleared it up really quickly. I used that too and it worked great. Now my dd is bigger and it's easier to keep it clean.
My little secret: I haven't had sex since last year. And I don't miss it.
Quote: Originally Posted by amcal I love having diahrrea. I love the empty feeling you get after a really good diahrrea. I totally read this in the voice of Stewie from Family Guy.
Adorable! My 5 m/o loved watching that!
Neat, thank you!
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