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OMG! He's never going to learn how to eat and you're going to have to breastfeed him for the rest of your life!!!!!
This is an amazingly long thread. I've been reading it for ages now and I still have miles to go. I do not have children yet (and you can bet I hear about it all the time!) but both of my sisters do. I can't believe the idiotic things my mother has said to me about the ways my sisters are choosing to raise their babies. And she takes great personal offense at the idea that there might be some new information about babies since the '70s and people do things differently...
Awesome screen name! Welcome!
I cannot believe the stories I read every day on this website. The things that people will say to pregnant women and people with children are shocking. But some of the horrible advice from doctors is just unbelievable and completely unforgivable.
Ooh. I am a Veronica Mars addict. My dh is too. But don't get it on tv so we have to wait until the dvds. : Ack! It burns. I, of course, loooove Logan. He is the dreamy-dreamboat.
I love Oliver. It's great. Oliver Greyson?
Woohoo Michigan! Welcome!
Sorry no, MPJJJ, I'm in Lansing. Hey, thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
Hi! My name is Lauren. I've been married for almost three years. No babies yet but it's definitely in the plans! My sister turned me on to MDC. Holy crap, this place rocks! What an amazing community! Hooray!! :
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