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Quote: Originally Posted by Kimmiepie Get pregnant? Genius!
Quote: Originally Posted by tireesix Yeah, thats why I am nervous, I just imagine turning up at ER with this half waxed sensitive area, maybe with waxing strip still half attached and split open stretchmarks etc etc . You're killing me here. I could totally see that.
Quote: Originally Posted by tireesix I was wondering, cos DH wouldn't mind me getting, ummmmmmmmm, waxed, somewhere intimate, whether stretchmarks would affect the waxing. I havee crap skin but I am terrified my stretchmarks(for some reason I havee lots of awful ones in my groin region) will suddenly split open as the wax strips are ripped off. OMG that put such a horrific picture in my mind.
Quote: Originally Posted by Britishmum It comes down largely to where you were brought up. I was shocked and saddened when I came to the US and realised how hung up people were about 'privates'. (Just that name icks me out, personally. It suggests something sexual about something that is innocent and totally natural.) I was a kid who ran around naked at home, at friends houses, at the beach. In my culture, it was just totally normal. It icks me out...
I love this thread. So creepy. I can't believe she never gave you back your key! It's good you changed the locks!
Quote: Originally Posted by ThreeBeans Her: " You better put shoes on him or he'll grow up like that! " Me: Grow up barefoot? Yes, and if you don't give him a mustache now, he'll grow up like that. Same for neckties.
Quote: Originally Posted by Viola My head looks kind of pointy or something, but at least my uneven nose cartilage is minimized. Wow, my daughter's head is as big as mine! I think she has a 22" head and I have a 23" one. She's really cuter than she looks in that photo. You both look really cute and fun. Her hair is soooo shiny!
brussel sprouts and okra can both go to hell as far as I'm concerned.
guy is 32. and cute. i like glasses!
I was 7lbs. I've put on a lot of weight.
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