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What are those of you, particularly with children in preschool, doing to prevent or at least postpone the runny noses and colds this year? I am trying to be more proactive this year since we're having another baby in November. Would love to read any suggestions you have or products you're using!
With our first, we didn't start tv until she was probably 22 months. It was just a video, not the television. Now she is 4 1/2, and #2 is almost 2, and I would say they get to watch maybe one prescreened video a month. But my 4 1/2 year old loves cooking shows, so I let her watch maybe an hour or two of Rachael Ray a week. On Friday nights we watch a cooking show as a family, and then making something from the show over the weekend. I am of two minds - on the one...
thanks Avani and everyone else, I ordered the supplement and will try as many of these things as I can manage!
I've been a lurker for a while, but I am finally compelled to post because I have tested positive for Group B strep. I did with my last pregnancy, but had an incredibly fast delivery so there was not time to give me the antibiotics (my daughter was born in two pushes and had to have the caul peeled off of her, but even though she wasn't exposed to anything in the birth canal we still had to stay for 48 hours). So this time the idea is that I should have a round of...
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