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The more love the better.
No advice, but sympathy. That must be a tough situation
Wow. That's got to be hard. I know my mom makes judgments that I don't agree with, sometimes, too.
Good luck and thoughts your way.
It seems like everyone said, the worst thing he could think of. Don't worry.
Dh made up a song when the Small was little. Doot, doot, doo, Little chickens, Doot, doot, doo, Mama Hen, Doot, doot, doo, Daddy Rooster, In the Chicken Coop. He's a nut :
That makes me sad, too. DH is a wonderful dad and really invovled parent. Your poor kiddo.
I completely understand. DS is very high strung and challenging--to motivate, to remprimand, to guide. DD is naturally more "go with the flow." All you can do is be sure they are both loved, loved, loved.
I've been lurking for quite some time and thought I'd finally pop in and say hi!
A very reasonable 2200 per child
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