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We've been car free in small town MN (no kids), Portland, OR (no kids), Salt Lake City (1 kid), and Madison, WI (2 kids). They were all reasonably places to be car free. Portland was probably the easiest though.
Quote: Originally Posted by pookel I didn't say there was anything wrong with reading to them. A lot of people here are talking about reading to their kids even after their kids know how to read. I just don't see the point of that. If it's really fun for my kids, and they ask for it, I can accommodate them - but reading aloud to them will never be my default choice. My son is only 14 months, but he doesn't like being read to and won't sit still for...
I've totally been in your shoes. I actually posted here for advice and started down the road to homeschooling. My dd is 5 now. Her path to reading was filled with starts and stops. She'd be very interested in learning to read. Then she'd be completely uninterested for months. She'd also be so consumed with one reading strategy, like decoding, that's she'd forget all the sight words she knew. Or she'd only recognize sight words and refuse to try decoding. When she...
Sorry again. I am Chrism's wife. Anyway I voted other and popular. I was relatively popular, but not exactly cheerleading material. I didn't get invited to the really popular parties. But I was included by the super popular kids at school events. Everyone knew who I was and was willing to be seen talking with me.
We do not encourage babies to watch tv. One reason is that all television and nearly all videos are commercial. Ones made and marketed to children are especially focused on creating brand loyalty among children as young as toddlers. Notice the sheer number of toys and other paraphanelia associated with children's television and videos including Baby Einstein. Materialism is not something that I want to encourage in my children so no tv for the baby and limited videos...
Having precocious language development does not equate to precocious self control. When he starts his no-no before going for your glasses, just say, "That's right mommy needs her glasses to see. Let's play with this toy instead." Babies and young children in general have an internal drive to explore. Redirecting that exploration causes less frustration for both parent and child than expecting the child to simply not explore something without giving another opportunity...
We try to brush ds's teeth before naps and bedtime. It usually works out to 2-3 times a day. We had troubles with dd's teeth even though we brushed hers once a day from 4 months on, so we are a bit paranoid about dental health.
Ds just today took a few steps between cruising items. I don't think it will be his main form of locomotion for a couple of months at least though. I doubt he'll want to give up the speed of crawling.
She probably thought that since neither you nor your son said anything that your son was done playing with it. Next time you could ask your son if he was done with it. And if he says he wasn't you could politely tell the other child that your son wasn't finished but that as soon as he finishes the other child is welcome to have a turn with the dinosaur. It isn't entirely fair to expect the mom to read you son's nonverbal cues as well as you do.
Greaseball, I believe the first studies on parenting behavior included a wider variety of variables. For reason beyond me, they have since decided to narrow their studies down to an overly simplified single axis. I guess it makes for easier to read articles if you only have to give 3 options instead of dozens.
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