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I've just decided I need to do this :)  Is it really too late now since it's after the 28th?  Is there any point to even trying, or can someone explain how much the effectiveness is likely to go down by doing one late?
We've tried the do it yourself refills and couldn't get them to work. Is there anywhere that refills them for cheap like Walgreens does for other brands? Or where is the cheapest place to buy new? Or even better is there a really easy refill kit for the diy refill challenged? Thanks!
We have a small freezer and it's in our living room right now. I put a nice piece of cloth on it so it looks good We are also LDS and just converted the space under our bed to food storage. We got rid of the box spring and put the mattress on top of some wood with large buckets of oats and wheat under it to hold it up. No we can fit a ton of canned goods etc under there! We will also be putting canned goods under our dd's bunk bed.
Have you ever used the liquid recipe with fels naptha, borax and washing soda? If so do you like this new one you posted better? I like our liquid except that I always have to pre treat the stains
I did for diapers, along with a ew drops of TTO. It didn't get stains out of our regular clothing very well though with our hard water.
DD told my mother that we locked her in a dark closet for several hours once! Luckily, grandma has experience with children already and knows we would never do something like that.
Quote: Originally Posted by fullofgrace Do you mean you no longer need a computer st all and would use the smartphone for all your email/message board/etc needs? If you give us a better idea of what exactly you want it to do, we can brainstorm with you. I mean a droid or iphone that hooks up to the computer and is the internet connection for the computer. If it worked we could cancel our comcast and put that money toward the monthly smartphone...
Anyone have one? From what I can gather using a phone internet connection hooked up to the computer, like the iphone or a droid, would be slow compared to what we're used to. But I want this to work somehow so we can get smartphones budget wise
Anyone know of a good deal on these? From what I can see now it looks like the space bags website and Walmart have them cheapest. But I want to cover all my bases and be as frugal as possible so suggestions are welcome
I liked the raspberry lemonade I just got the plain last time since it was cheaper and it tastes ok. It's a little tart like lemonade without sugar since it has only citric acid and no stevia.
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