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I wasn't impressed either. I really wanted them to work since they can be composted after use or you can make handsoap when you're done with them in the laundry.
We just got a free toaster oven and I much prefer it since I think microwaves have dangers. I can get the convenience of heating things up fairly quickly without the microwave. Eventually I want to get a bigger one so that our large plates fits in it instead of just small plates and bowls.
I just made this one with fels naptha, but you could use a different type of bar soap: http://www.thefamilyhomestead.com/laundrysoap.htm It works just as well as Tide on our clothes. We don't have well water so I'm not sure about keeping whites white. I'll be following along to see the ideas. I actually tried 2 tbs of this in the dishwasher and it worked great! Just borax and washing soda left film even using vinegar in the rinse compartment. I would rather that...
Thanks everyone! We do have a Whole Foods fairly near and I'll check the other options too. Not organic is fine, I'm just looking for no nasty chemicals like SLS etc.
No-poo isn't working anymore since we moved to a place with different water I really like Aubrey Organics, but it's expensive even when I buy it at iherb with our supplements and get free shipping. Any suggestions? Are all the nice ones expensive? I only wash my hair every 2-3 days so that helps, but a cheaper one that's fairly natural would be nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by eireann the hydrox b12 from perque gave me the WORST headache for hours. i take b12 from bronson but it does have mag ster. if you try perque, i'd do half or quarter tablet at first. i can send you a sample - its currently sitting on my shelf virtually untouched. That would be great! I'll pm you.
Does anyone know of a sublingual B12 without magnesium stearate? It gives me wicked headaches and makes me really irritable. I have gut issues and plenty of deficiencies so I'm pretty sure I need it.
I think my 5 yo may have some vision issues. She sits really close to the computer screen all the time. I moved her back a couple feet and asked her what one of the large letters was on a big alphabet picture. She didn't know until I moved her closer. I'm going to get her vision checked, but just want to make sure I'm informed before we go to a doctor. Also, she is very interested in all kinds of 'learning', math, writing, science etc. She has asked to learn to read,...
None of the blood stuff seems to be an issue for us. I started taking bioplasma and it's awesome! I noticed an immediate lift in energy and mood even though I had been feeling pretty good already. I need to get one of the cell salt books to see which specific salts might be useful for us. I think maybe I'll get some of the Carlson's K and see if it makes a difference.
I know butter oil is good, but it's so expensive! Does it matter what other brand of K2 that I try? And is there a recommended amount? I have no idea if I'm deficient, but I would assume so based on past diet. I also can't tolerate oral magnesium and was wondering if K2 might help.
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