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Anyone know of a Spanish letter factory?
Thanks! After my second round of just DMSA I got some mood issues and started taking clay. It's working great! I don't feel that different off rounds now, just less thirsty and hungry, than on so I added the ALA and still feel good. I appreciate your time and will start digesting all of that Eventually we want to ttc again so I feel like I have to get this right the first time. If we were done having kids I could at least chelate again later if I needed to without...
What are the pros and cons of me taking ALA with DMSA vs just ALA? I've never had amalgams and think my exposure is decades old. I'm trying to pair down the budget and just wondering if I really even need DMSA.
I wish our doctor only charged $30/shot! It's $334 for both my girls together every 2 months after the doctor's discount since he knows we can't really afford it. Luckily my mom offered to pay for them! For us the allergy testing really helped since when we eliminated the allergens my oldest had no more tantrums, sensory seeking or potty accidents. I think I linked to the pink book upthread, it talks about the shots in more detail. I'm lucky that after convincing...
Hooray! We still haven't done a yeast or soy trial yet. My oldest has actually gotten sick several times which almost never happened before. I think for her it might mean she's becoming healthier. DD1 got her first shot and can now eat carrots and peas without getting a rash This week we're gearing up to do a yeast trial with my oldest. If it passes we'll have more 'bread' options
Does anyone have an opinion on cell salts helping me to tolerate nutrients? 1000 iu Vit D, 1000 mcg B12 and any oral magnesium make me exhausted now after being able to tolerate them for a few months. It takes days for me to recover from only 50mg of oral mag. I can't understand since I should need them all, especially mag while chelating. But I can only tolerate a small amount of the mag oil. I'm going to get some bioplasma, but wasn't sure if there is also another...
I'm rediscovering the crockpot this week since it makes it so easy for me to make dinner. I just put stuff in in the morning and it's done hours later Today we had beans and rice from it and last week I made a roast with veggies in it. I don't WOH either and the crockpot is a huge help.
The girls almost always have gf oatmeal for breakfast and sometimes applesauce, I get to hide dd2's vitamins in it The dinners I fall back on right now are; spagheti with rice pasta, canned safe sauce and whatever meat I feel like throwing in and beans and rice with meat, onions, garlic and tomato sauce. I really dislike cooking so this whole allergy thing has been quite a journey and the easier the food is to make the better. At least I'm soaking the beans and...
We sent our hair tests on a Saturday last month and got them back the following Thursday online so pretty quick. I kept checking every day in my online account since I never got an email saying they were ready. The paper copy came in the mail about 2 weeks later.
I'm on my second round of 25mg DMSA and 25 mg ALA and I'm feeling good. Is that normal? I've been really hungry and thirsty, but no headaches or feeling awful. I suppose maybe some feel fine and just don't need to post since they don't need help? Maybe it's better since I didn't have amalgams and we've been making big diet and supplement changes for over a year?
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