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Now I don't know whether to cry from relief or confusion since the girls both passed counting rules! DD1: http://s239.photobucket.com/albums/f...t=IMG_0001.jpg DD2: http://s239.photobucket.com/albums/f...urrent=IMG.jpg I'm guessing iodine is indicative of the actual level since I've been supping me and dd2 still nurses? Are their ratios ok? Why are they both so painfully shy? I thought that maybe their lithium would be really low, but it's not. Can it really be that...
Thank you to everyone who's contributed info here! I've never had amalgams, but just got my hair test back and it showed mercury. This thread has been invaluable. JaneS, did you get your amalgams removed? Did you chelate for mercury? I think I remember Pat saying she wasn't going to get hers removed because she felt it was too risky.
I think this is possibly an issue for me based on hair tests and that vit d and mag make me super sleepy. When I google the only treatment that comes up is surgery. Are there any other options? I'm familiar with treating the thyroid and adrenals with foods, vitamins or glandulars, does that not exist for parathyroid?
Thanks so much! So would dealing with the mercury help the thyroid, parathyroid and adrenals? Or is it fairly likely I'll end up on Armour etc eventually?
http://s239.photobucket.com/albums/f...6/Hair%20Test/ It looks like I failed rule #3, but passed the others. I'm still waiting for the girls results. I've been supping zinc for about 8 months, could that be why zinc is so high? Or it's the mercury causing deranged transport? More questions below, but feel free to share any thoughts and advice The high cal and mag actually means low right? Is the low rubidium an issue I should do something about? Is...
We've done 2 shots so far 2 months apart. I waited a few weeks after the second shot and started trialing when I got a gut feeling to. So about 10 weeks. The doctor said not to trial until after the 3rd shot, but I went with my gut I SO hope you can find what works for you and you dd!
Yeah, she had violent tantums, pee and poop misses and vestibular sensory seeking. When we cut out the allergens it all went away and we did gut healing, but she would still have those reactions if she ate an allergen.
So, wow, dd has gotten back coconut and cantaloupe too! If we can get soy back then she'll have all of the foods back that she is mildy IgG too That would mean we would only have to cut out yeast, gluten, eggs and dairy. I'm about to fall over with relief. We'll have to find the money for dd2 somehow because it's working so well. At this rate we might get gluten back in less than a year (don't push it mommy!).
I'll check the book out, it looks like it could help out
My relationship with my family is strained. My parents are getting older, my dad retired this year and my mom retires in 5 years. I'm thinking more about what they'll do when they need more care. I'd really rather not have to do anything , but someone has to right? I don't want them to be alone and lonely or unsafe, but I'm really happy living several states away from them right now. They're divorced and I have one brother. My mom wants to live near us as her...
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