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I see capsules, tinctures or making tea by crushing up the seeds. Is there a best way to take it, as in most effective?
We're still at the half dose. I think the next one or the one after we do the full dose. It's nice to be able to talk to other people about this since the epd yahoo group is pretty quiet. I'm hoping the doctor will let us just go in to the nurse to give the shots so we don't have to pay his fee on top of everything else. We just see him for the shots now since we seem to have exhausted his knowledge in other areas that we need help with.
I'll try the calcium for a while first to see if that helps, thanks!
I can't tolerate oral magnesium for some reason. The oil works great though I think I would benefit from a good multivitamin, but they all seem to have magnesium (for good cause). Anyone know of one that doesn't?
We're doing this with my 4 yo dd. She's had 2 shots so far, we're just doing the food one. They also have one for chemicals and environmental allergies. We've been doing gut healing since September and were still unable to add any foods back after 6 months. Many of dd's IgG's are mild on the test. But after these 2 shots we have added back 3 foods which is huge for us! We keep adding one a week and it's been going great so far. I would trust your instincts on it. ...
We only do 24 hours with a cloth over the jar too for this exact reason. DD1 is intolerant to dairy, coconut and soy so it's the only option for kefir. How much alcohol is in 24 hr kefir anyway?
Thanks! I'll post again when we get our results
I called Doctor's Data Inc. http://www.doctorsdata.com/home.asp to get hair tests, but they told me they will only do them with a doctor's signature. I thought there was a company where I could order them myself and that they were about $85? DDI told me they are $109 and that they have always required a doctor's signature.
Thanks! Do I need to be careful when cleaning it? I usually use borax.
We're bilingual English/Spanish and are going to add Portuguese. I would emphasize Spanish while having some things available in the other languages. DH is from Mexico so that helps alot We focus on as much Spanish at home as we can, music, youtube, books, audiobooks and computer games (Pipo). For Portuguese we are listening to audiobooks each day from librivox.org and some youtube cartoons in Portuguese to start. We will start getting Portuguese kids books from a...
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