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I love my cloth pads, they are so comfortable! I actually just use trifolded wash cloths. My periods aren't too heavy and I haven't leaked yet. I just put mine in an old ice cream bucket till I'm done. I soak them and change the water every day adding some hydrogen peroxide to help with bacteria and staining. Then I wash them all when I'm done. We also just started cding and love that too.
Quote: Originally Posted by zeldabee I had two wooden drying racks that folded up easily. Also, I hung some clothes on hangers (at the corners of the racks if that makes sense), especially if the clothes would be put away hung up anyway. I have no idea what the W*lm*rt kind looks like, since I've haven't been in that store in a few years. I got the biggest wooden racks I could find at a hardware store. I've always wanted on of these. I just...
That's horrible! : He wants to be mean to children and make money off of it?!
I would definately have it. My SIL just had her 3rd and was thrown a huge shower. It was an awesome party where she got things for her and many things she needed for the baby too.
I think I need to learn to accept my body more. The big issue I have is that with no bra I look completely flat, which I should just get over. But the most difficult part would be either getting thick enough shirts so my nipples wouldn't show or just accept that yes I am a woman and we have nipples even if only the outline shows.
Thanks for the replies. I have another question. Did you use a drying rack and if so what type? I need something else in addition to the chairs, bed etc and we live in an apt. with no space outside. I've seen the Wal-mart kind and I'm guessing I would need 2 to dry one load since I can wash 10 pairs of jeans at one time.
We do lots of the things here, but not all. One of the reasons I joined MDC was because I was already doing some crunchy things and realized I had so much to learn. Since joining I have started no-pooing, washing my face with honey, cding, using cloth mama pads and cloth tp. In the past I never ever thought I would do any of them, ewe gross! But over the months as I have read posts and tried them out I really love it! Some of the ideas did seem radical at first, but...
We have the mattress on the floor and it helps me feel much more relaxed than when we didn't.
Queen on the floor with a full sized futon next to it. Dd starts out on the futon and me and dh on the queen. Sometime during the night dd joins us and then eventually dh or I feel too squished and move to the futon.
That's awesome! We are working toward that too.
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