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Oh my gosh, no way I could wait! lol
So I'm 6DPO and I keep feeling this odd sensation in my bladder.  At least, I think its my bladder. lol The best way I can explain it is its the feeling I had the first time I peed after my c-section.   Except just for a second and on a much smaller scale.  I asked my friend last night what she thought (she had a c-section with her 3.5yo) and she said that feeling never completely went away for her.   But I haven't felt it since I had DS 8 years ago!     I'm hoping...
6DPO today and DF is already trying to get me to test.   I have FIVE tests at my disposal this cycle so I'm definitely not going to start using them yet.   We had friends over last night (which is not unusual but we had more than the usual number in this instance because its our last weekend in this apartment) and everyone kept asking me why I wasn't drinking at all.  So of course my BFF had to run around telling everyone I might be "preggy".   But on the bright...
Well, right now DS is out of school and DF's schedule is pretty erratic so its not always as often as we'd like.   During the week before ovulation, generally every day and sometimes twice in a day.  Non-fertile times, every other day.  Sometimes every third day if DF has to work late a lot.  I try to will myself to wake up at 3am but it doesn't always work. 
Good luck to all of you testing soon!   AFM, I'm 3DPO and about to lose it.   This is our 4th cycle trying and I've been super patient the last 3.  I'm very anxious about this one for some reason though.  Maybe all the obvious ovulation pain!
This cycle is the first I've used OPKs.  I started testing early just so I could see what my pattern was like.  I got faint lines for about a week, then CD15 I got a line about half as dark as the control line.  CD16 was pretty close to positive and then CD17 was a definite positive.  CD18 looked similar to CD16.   So for me (at least this cycle) it was sort of a build up over 3-4 days.  It didn't suddenly go from faint line to dark line.
  Congrats!    DS was a one shot wonder as well. 
  Awesome!!! Congrats! :D   I've never had an evap on a Wondfo either, for what its worth!  I got a faint but very obviously pink BFP on one once that was either a false pos or a chemical.  But no evap lines.   Happy and healthy 9 months to you!
Well for the first time in recent memory (that I've noticed), I had some major ovulation pain yesterday.   BD'ing last night was a little bit painful, even.  I'm hoping its a good sign rather than a bad sign. lol   Anyway, I can be moved to waiting to know! :)
Congrats Patti!!!    I have issues with gluten myself.  No diagnosis but through trial and error I've come to the conclusion that its likely the root of my life long issues with iron and vitamin deficiencies.  DS is on the spectrum (and has other issues in addition to that) and he definitely does better off gluten as well.  So DS and I are both GF and we try to restrict dairy as much as possible (cheese is my weakness lol).  And DF has multiple peanut/nut allergies...
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