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At home, with a wonderful midwife and her assistant, DH, my mom and we're still deciding whether or not to have someone take the girls...
My seven year old brother's name is Quinlan, I love it! Although "Quin" does seem to be getting popular all of the sudden.
I'm in! We have a 9/03, a 6/05 and #3 coming in 1/08. I love that my girls are as close as they are in age, but I was happy for a bit more of a break between #2 and #3. The girls are sooo exited about this baby!
Easterdee is the name of my horse who was born on Easter eight years ago. Her name just popped into my head when I was trying to think of a screen name.
I don't know what else to say except that I have a little brother (who is now 7) who was born with a massive hole in his heart and two leaking valves. He had open heart surgery done at Boston Children's hospital and has never had another problem with it. He also has Downs and brings such joy to everyone around him, I'm glad that I've had this experience of knowing and loving someone with Downs, or I may not have known how full of love they are. I'll pray that your baby...
I voted for Fionn, Lachlan is great too!
I'm glad you're feeling a little better, if it helps at all a friend of mine has a daughter who is only five and she is already losing teeth and getting her new ones in!
I'm so sorry you (and he) had to go through all that! A good friend of mine has a two year old who had to have 4 crowns because of tooth decay (of course, they said it was from nursing). It was extemely traumatic for the poor little thing, but once again, the're only baby teeth, they won't be in there forever. Oh, here's another story for you, my dd who was not even 2 at the time was sitting on the bottom of our stairs (about 3 stairs up) and somehow lost her balance...
My daughter who is 26 months chipped one of her front teeth pretty noticably while taking a sip from a glass bottle about a month ago. She cried for a few minutes but it didn't seem to bother her after that so I just left it. It did hurt nursing for a few days, but for some reason after that I didn't feel it anymore. Like pp said, if you think the "inside" of the tooth might be exposed, I'd bring him in for that, but if he's not in pain and you can deal with nursing I'm...
My daughter (who sleeps with us) is constantly grinding her teeth while she sleeps. I've heard this is a sighn of stress , which if course makes me feel horrible. I've tried adding to our already lengthy bedtime routine, but it doesn't seem to be helping. Does anyone else have children that do this, or advice on what might help? TIA Tess
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