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Quote: Originally Posted by Aletheia what about that raw chocolate pudding in a recent issue of mothering? anyone know what I'm talking about? avocado, honey, banana, cocoa, agave... it is heavenly. i could eat it all, by myself. That sounds lovely - I googled for it and found a version on a blog - I'll have to try it, one of my childhood favourites was a (very non-vegan) pudding made with avocados and cream which is lovely so it would be...
It's almost all front loaders here too - my grandfather has an ancient top loader (at least 30 years old, probably 40+) and I hate having to lean over it to reach stuff. Leaving the door open as much as possible, and doing the occasional hot wash helps with the "musty smell" - I've luckily never had a problem with the clothes smelling though.
We have a co-op nearby which is great for grains/beans/dried goods but fruit and vegetables are still expensive so I rarely buy them organically And meal planning does help me not have too many leftovers.
I really want to give up paper towels too - just trying to decide what to use instead. I hadn't thought about washing them put I'd probably put them in with other clothes unless they're really filthy!
I managed to organise a huge pile of paperwork, and then put all of my clothes on to the bed - and put away only the things that I wanted to keep - there's 1 huge bag to donate now
I can't wait! Just need to re-read the book now
Quote: Originally Posted by BarnMomma As a teen, it became more apparent that being an only wasn't so hot. Now this might have just applied to MY parents- but they were SO focused on me that I had no wiggle room and I felt totally smothered. They were very strict and worried about freaking everything despite the fact that if they had just opened their eyes a bit they would have seen that I was the type of teen that most parents would dream of- tough,...
I love this thread! Just wish I had a bigger garden and could can/preserve something!
Unless you really needed the money or space then I would keep it for the future - in case your ds wants to learn. I have an old flute at the back of my wardrobe - hasn't been used for ?15 years but it's not worth anything, and has sentimental value...and has survived the mad decluttering so far!
Chickpeas, especially as hummus! Or quinoa.
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