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Oh what an awful rollercoaster.  I like to know more than less, but I agree, they worded it poorly for you!  ANd I love the stats from Dr. Sears!   I'm glad it worked out in the end though!
thanks Taryn!  I'll check out those other herbs!   I even went to Canada to get Domperidone!  It worked a little but not enough. I have read BFAR, but not the other.   I'll find the facebook group.   I really want to BF and I am trying to not get so excited with the colostrum I have now, but I am producing as much now as I did with DD with milk, so maybe, oh I hope so!
My husband had a very serious heart defect that was genetic, so there is always the possibility of passing it on.  I want to know.  For me the anatomy scan is more important than the gender part.  We found out the gender, but I wouldn't inflict ultrasound on my baby just for gender.  But I will to make sure we have everything we need to know in case of a problem  Also I had a pretty serious placental issue with DD, so I want to keep on top of what's going on with that....
I'm having a girl! my husband as a genetic heart issue so we have to go back to get a more clear shot of the heart, but it's looking good so far.  We feel like we're winning the baby lottery again!  YAY!
With my 2nd babe I started to get colostrum at 7 mos and I was excited since I wasn't able to bf my 1st.  (I had a breast reduction and no amount of pumping/ supplements helped, and I did them all, yes I did....)  Anyhow I was excited with #2 that I was getting something early, then still nothing after the baby came, no more than drops, he actually lost weight with each bf session.  Boo.  And now here I am at 20 weeks and colostrum again!  More this time.  Good sign?...
So my BHs have increased a lot, but it's okay, nice to know that things are just starting to work out!
I did get a booster a few years ago, but my OB said that I'll still be offered this one to give the baby a boost before s/he's born.   I think I'll decline. 
I wouldn't do it.  
hi! We aren't making a lot of changed, we cosleep for a LOOOONGGGG time, so not counting on the babe being gone until s/he is 2 or 3 years old.  We might take our bed off of the boxspring and it it on the floor, or just off of the frame and on the floor, then we turn it sideways.  We have a California King and sideways it's 7 feet across which is PLENTY of room.  (plus I'm only 5'0 and DH is 5'6 so having it be 6 feet long is plenty for us) When I find out the gender...
So on facebook I'm embroiled in this lovely conversation about vaxes.  (ugh!  I'm playing nice though)  Anyhow made me think about when my OB said that a new protocol is to give women a DTaP in their third trimester to give the baby a boost.  She also told me it's not required, which is funny, I told her nothing is required, except for the baby to be born.  Good thing we have a good rapport!   Anyhow, is it just here in CA or is everyone getting this recommendation?
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