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I rather envy the folks that know they're done.  But we want another, maybe two.  I just want all of my family here so we can move on with our lives.  In the meantime I'll just enjoy this journey.  
ohh new thread! I'm 14 weeks today, and it was a crazy day!   I plan all of the family events for my daughter's preschool, and today was the last big one, the big spring dinner party, think of pretty much a wedding without the ceremony!  Lots of speeches, decorations all of it, ahhh!  I've been so stressed I want it all to be perfect and I want everyone happy.  Gah!  Anyhow done, until next year.  Oddly this was the hardest to plan for the least amount of folks, all...
thanks ladies!  Good to know I don't need to panic.  For water, try decaffinated tea as well, or herbal teas, or muddle some fruit into your water.  (yum strawberry) I like true lime and lemon too, or come visit me, I have oh so many lemons right now!
With my other pregnancies I had a lot of BH contractions.  But I can't remember when they started. Right now my life is really crazy, harried and so stressed.  And I've been feeling some rumblings, not just baby movement.  Not a lot, but enough to make me aware. I wonder if I should be concerned.  I'm trying to take it easier, but I am a mother to 2 other children....
I felt DD at 12 weeks, DS at 8 and this one at 8 as well.  I'm close to 14 weeks and it's an active babe!  I think it's totally reasonable to feel your baby early, especially if you are particularily tuned into your body. 
Before I got pregnant I was really active.  Now I just try to not get sick.  I"m starting to feel better and am craving activity.  I'll likely resume swimming and running.
I had my blood test (not the new one) and the ultrasound.  My results were 1 in 2400 for downs and 1 in 5400 for trisomy 18 (and 13?  not sure) anyhow good results, yay.   As for the new blood test.  I can't think of the company that invented it, they've changed their names, but the funny thing is it's my friend's husband's company.  HA.  It's funny to live where I do, there are all of these crazy connections.     (I'm in Silicon Valley, geeks abound!)
I am late finding this thread.  I'm so sorry for your loss.  I've had 2 empty sacs, it's heartbreaking.  This one looked like it would go the same way for a while.  SO heartbreaking.  I wish you all the best. much love!
I want to go for a massage and a lot of places won't take you in the first trimester, so I am 13 weeks tomorrow.  I think I should be able to count it, right?
I love these!  We just had our first tri NT scan and I got some good ones, where the babe is bending his/her knees, then the next landing a straight legged kick.  ha!
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