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I dislike velcro in diapers or covers, it catches and soon looses it's stick and it's annoying. I prefer snaps.   We did EC with DD and it was lovely.  She was down to one diaper a day from age 6 mos to 15 mos when she started to walk and rejected the potty.  But it was nice, no poopy diapers for a long time! With DS we travelled overseas at 2 mos, so I dropped the ball pretty bad.  heh. Hopefully better luck next time!
DD was an emergency c-section and DS was a VBAC, this one will be another attempted homebirth, unless the level 2 ultrasound shows problems.  (DH has a genetic heart issue)  If we have a heart baby I'll end up with a c-section. 
I cloth diapered my other 2.  I loved loved loved plain ol' prefolds.  I found they washed better and dried better than pockets or all in ones. I didn't like anything but cotton on my babe's bum, in fact most anything else really irritated their skin.   I also loved wool covers, they're really breathable and cute! I also really liked the fitted prefolds, but they're not needed.  Anyhow my suggestion is to not go too crazy too early, get a couple and see what you...
fun name website. http://www.babynamewizard.com/voyager#prefix=beatrix&ms=false&exact=false
I have one of each, but with my boy I wanted spicy food, and this one I want spice too, but I also want a lot of fresh fruit and veg, which is what I wanted with my girl.   I have a feeling that this one is a boy, and I had the same gut feeling with the other 2 and I was right.  So now we wait for the ultrasound.
I'm sorry, be kind to yourself.   much love. 
I'm over 35 so I get to do them.  I choose to because I have 2 other children.  I won't abort unless it shows something really terrible that will be painful for the baby, even then, I might have to really consider.  But for me I would rather know. Oh I'm in the US, it's a blood test and an ultrasound, then amnio if needed, but there is also a new blood test to replace the amnio.  I wouldn't do an amnio.
I'm not going to take a photo, because I am exhausted.  I don't have  bump, even though this is baby #3, but I am thicker and I had to use the elastic trick today on my pants. 
I can't stomach the thought of teas right now.  (which is really sad 'cause I love tea so.)  But mine is RRL, oatstraw, nettles, dandilion, marshmellow root, alfalfa, red clover tops and something for flavor like peppermint or chamomile.     I like the idea of lemon and salt for an electrolyte drink.  It's getting awfully hot here right now and I am not handling it well.  I'm going to try this, maybe tomorrow, I'll just see if I can do tea.
Love name threads!  if he's a boy, and I suspect he is, he'll be Tycho Grant, a close second would be Archer and a close second middle name is James, but that's a family name on my side and both children already have family names from my side, although I maintain that since they get my husband's last name, it's only fair.  ;) if he's a girl, Maizie Jean or a G name since we seem to be doing that.  Maizie is a family name on my husband's side and Jean is my middle...
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