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Hmmm... pro: yay baby!   I love holiday season so it will just add to it.  This will be an early Dec baby so s/he won't be eclipsed by Christmas. S/he will be in the first quarter for school since in California you have to be 5 by Sept 1 for kindie.  (although we're likely going to be homeschooling, but that's a long story, might be in a parent participation elem school too.  as of this fall it's homeschooling)   cons: I have several friends with early 2013...
CRAVINGS!  I guess I don't have that many, mostly i want things that are comforting to me since in my first trimester I get so run down, and it's so much harder this time, (2 busy kids and me being determined to maintain everything.) so I want brothy soups, which are comforting to me.  And spicy food.  DH is convinced this is boy since I wanted a lot spice when I was pregnant with Hudson. 
Hi Mamas! I'm Deadra, I'm pregnant with my 3rd!  I guess *technically* I should be in the Nov DDC, but my other 2 were late, and my EDD is Nov 30, so I figure this is going to be a Dec baby.  So exciting for us, since I already have a Jan and a Feb, so clearly it was going to be March or Dec! So I'm also "old" I'm 35, I'm Canadian but I live in California with my (also Canadian) husband, we're smack dab in the middle of Silicon Valley.  We've been here for 7 years,...
I had an ultrasound yesterday.  So clearly a blighted ovum.  I opted for the misoprostel to induce a miscarriage.  I know that many of you wouldn't have chosen this, but I want the symptoms gone, I don't want to keep feeling pregnant if there is nothing there.... This is my 2nd blighted ovum, and I can't really process it yet.  I'm numb.   Anyhow I'm debating taking time off from TTC just to really focus on me, TTC is a rough road for me.  This time took 3 surgeries...
Oh I'm so sorry.  The wait is the worst!  Personally I'd so much rather just know so I can cope.  Thinking about you!  
ha!  Beatrix?  I thought it was a nice simple name when I chose it.  I love it so!  People do mispronounce it which makes me crazy, but I should be used to that!
Yuck!  I don't want to be near food.  Greens are the nastiest thing ever right now.  Cooked food makes me queasy.  However I want to make sure that my children eat healthy food.  ugh.   How are you coping?
I go next week.  I've had symptoms though, nausea (for weeks now!) lots of dizziness and feeling like I have really low blood sugar (despite just having eaten a healthy meal) Oh I hope it's not the case.   I guess it is what it is.  I'll just wait and see.  
I love name threads! My first is Beatrix because I wanted an easy to understand name that wasn't common and I am all about children's literature.  We call her Trixie.   My second is Hudson, and he was very nearly Alistair, he's a Hudson. This one will be Maizie Jean for a girl, or Archer James for a boy. Maizie is a family name and Jean is my middle name, Archer is my husband's favourite boy name, and it's started to grow on me, James is a family name.
no heartbeat yet.  does a blighted ovum still produce HCG?  I think that was what happened with Hudson's twin.  Can't be sure.  I hope that isn't the case.  I will be devistated and I'm not sure I can do more of the fertility treatments.  They're really hard on me.  
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