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I agree, can go both ways, but give your doctor a call.  
Already drama in my pregnancy! I had my first ultrasound today and I am only measuring 5w1d, I should be 6w3d.  I did get a negative blood test 14 days after my IUI, then a positive 21 days after.  I triggered ovulation so I know when it happened.   So what's going on?   I did another HCG today and it was fine, 4309, but I go again on saturday to see how it is then, which will really explain if I am going to miscarry. But can't an egg only live for a couple days?...
HI everyone! I haven't been on MDC in so long!   I'm here because I just joined the Jan 2012 DDC! So I thought I'd see if we were in the toddlers area yet! So Hudson is such a sweet boy!  He has a half head of blonde curls (only the back) I won't be cutting them any time soon!   He's walking, has a mouthful of teeth, and still sleeping with me, every night.   He adores his big sister and always want to play with whatever she is.   I think he's a fabulous...
Hi everyone! I used to go to the TTC forums a lot with #1, but I was so lost in my own head it was hard for me.  Finally after trying so many things (ending with menopur and an IUI 3X) we had our BFP!  Then with #2, we knew the prescrition so to speak, but that still didn't work, also need a bunch of preocedures/ sugeries to get my uterus ready, and then used menopur and cyranel and an IUI for a BFP, then with this one, 3 more surgeries and menopur and femara, and...
I found #2 was less expensive than #1.  I agree with the cosleep comment!  A great carseat is a must, don't skimp there, but you can in so many places. This babe will be expensive for us.  Although we have a big car, we're going to need a minivan to fit 3 carseats, and likely need a new house!  We're in a 2 bedroom now and we do cosleep so we can make it work for a while, but it's going to get crazy when new babe is a toddler!
oh Hurray! I had 08 DDC buddies in my 10 one too! makes it interesting!  
DD and DS are 23 months apart, DS and new baby will be nearly 24 months, so I'm going to have nice even steps!
Hi  everyone! I'm Dea.  This is my 3rd, and I'm so excited to be here.  I posted a hello thread a couple of minutes ago, should have come here first!  HA! My first two babies were planned homebirths, but I didn't get one either time.  #2 was a VBAC though!  Which I am so proud of.  I had to fight for it during labour.   I can't wait to get to know everyone here!  
Hi everyone!  I'm Dea.  This will be my 3rd DDC!  (Feb 08, Jan 10) My estimated due date is Jan 22, which is only 6 days from DS's birthday.  HA!   This baby like my other two were the results of a lot of fertility treatments and surgeries, so I am super excited to be pregnant.  Luckily this time I only had 2 cycles, but lot of surgeries to dust things off, so to speak.  Funny story with this pregnancy.  I got a negative blood pregnancy test, then called my...
If I am indeed pregnant we don't have a name yet, but #1 was murp and #2 was turducken.... no peanuts or buttercups here!
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