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lol its the only reason i come to the boards any more :) <3
oh yey!! Maybe my procrastination paid off again!
I'm so sad, I just realized it was April and TM time, I came here only to find out I missed it by 2 weeks :(
last year was my then 3 year old grandson's first treasure map. He put babies all over it. So guess what he has now? a 2 month old baby brother (I am a little afraid of what he will put on his map this year - think i will keep the baby magazines out of his reach lol)
gosh these moody teenagers! sigh - well i am glad she pulled herself together, its better than my dd's 14th, i had all her friends at an arcade and she went awol, never showed at all!
Quote: Originally Posted by LionessMom DS said it would be ok with him if i bought him a book about sex as long as it had some pictures lol. I love that he told you that! sounds like you are doing pretty well communication wise
Quote: Originally Posted by Linda on the move As a former troubled teen, I feel strongly that if a teen is having a problems and can't talk to their parent, it's most likely the parent's fault. Children come into this world wanting and needing to trust their parents and it's only when parents screw that up over and over and over that they kill it off. Even perfectly good and loving parents can be hard to talk to sometimes
Maybe he has some sort of obsessive compulsion to write these things out? (just one possible rational explanation)
One thing I would add, is I would tell your dd as much as you think is appropriate for her - this is her uncle and at 13 I would expect to know why my unlcle was suddenly cut out of my life. Honesty and transparancy can go a very long way
I just stumbled upon this thread and while I have nothing to add I just wanted you to know there was one more person out there sending you lots of good vibes of strength and serenity.. you are doing a great job
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