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I liked the Cosby’s, they seemed like a pretty supporting loving couple, oh and you know who my favorite TV couple is? Malcolm in the middle Hal and Lois!
Maybe that's why I can't stand that show?
I could not find a thread about Fringe yet ... DD and I love this show. I think i need to re-watch the first seasons though, It is so confusing ... this season's opener was sooooooo good! When Olivia came flying out of the car ... my heart just jumped.
I just started watching and I love this show, did you see the finally last night - it was great ... and I loved the whole seinfeld reunion thing ... so much fun
I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait! I have been watching the begining of season 5 on some sci fi channel called G64 or something like that ... it is getting me so excited! Oh great Feb 2 is the premire date? and my grandson is due to be born Feb 3 ... i knew this was going to be a problem ...
I still can't stand juliette, but that would never deter me from my favorite show, never never.
at my mom's first birthday after her death, we (the kids and anybody else who wanted to come) had a birthday party at my sisters house. there were lots of tears and lots of hugs and lots of laughter too (mom would have wanted it that way) its just that it made her so happy when we were all together it felt like such an honor to her to do that. even though it was hard, it was healing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cersha Nah, In his FF you can definitely see that it's a guy (in Simon's FF) no, i know what she means, like later in his flash forward - maybe that was not the whole thing
My favorites, some are sci fi though.. How I met your mother Big Bang theory New Adventures of Old Christine The Middle Modern Family Eastwick Mercy Medium House V Flash Forward Fringe The Next Iron Chef Iron Chef America Chopped
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