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i have had these dreams about my mom its nice to know they are normal
wow, that is the same day i lost my mama - its like a different life now huh?
oh, thanks Amy dd is not the most "earth friendly" mama lol but you just can't have too many cloth diaps I say and thanks for the tip on the Dr, I will share with dd
Quote: Originally Posted by Adamsmama my DH thought that he might fall on Celia and kill her anyway and he would live. Sort of sick... yea, i had the same thought too , but now i am wondering if he is really dead, what evidence do we have so far?
LOST! It will probobly premier the night dd has her baby ...sigh
Quote: Originally Posted by bluebirdmama1 Just a note for fellow Losties: Does this mean that Juliette isn't coming back for Sawyer since she is in V? fellow lostie here I have heard tptb have said Juliette will be in the last season, but it has not been specified if she will be alive or a ghost.
Quote: Originally Posted by Janelovesmax I do have something to say, they all know that it will be April 29th, 10pm - would they just prepare themselves for that day weeks in advance. i was thinking about that last night, like on the 29th i would just want to be home with my family watching the clock, not out doing whatever ..
Quote: Originally Posted by Amandamanda and do you think because he killed himself he instantly altered the present too? is that why tracy appeared? omg! Yes I wonder!? And I keep thinking about that senator in dc who said she was the president in her ff and in the presidents ff he was addressed as Mr. President (although they do address former presidents that way) I don’t know...
what a great episode! was that whathisnames's daughter sitting in his house? i can not beleive dude killed himself. do you think that celia chick will get killed anyway some other way?
and only one reply to this thread, are there just not many no vax friendly drs in eugene?
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