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I love this show! I am still baffeled by Charlie's reaction to her FF, she seems to have a happy time with Dylan. hmmm
Quote: Originally Posted by Channelle Lol, OK! I'll do my best. Ok, you guys convinced me. I got rid of Tamiflu, and stocked up on more elderberry. Hi, just wondering how it went? Are you feeling better?
Bumping this thread because I am starting to get very worried and would like any more stories to quell or substantiate my fears
If anybody has anyone else they like please keep sending ideas our way thanks
My daughter is having her second baby at McKenzie Willamette and they want her to have a Dr for the baby, she also wants sombody for her 3 1/2 year old. He has never had a Dr so she is nervous about being judged and about being forced to vax. Does anybody know of a non PeaceHealth Dr (because PeaceHealth Dr's dont have privlidges at MW) who might be a good pick? Thank you for your help eta: oh yea and he is on ohp
I am so sad that Kevin won the veto ... I so wanted Michelle to make it to the end. Natalie is such a liar and a mean person, she makes me want to spit. Jeff is so stupid if he would have not gotten such a big head and so paranoid those four could have sailed through this game
thanks for the reminder that even though being a shoulder to cry on may not seem like we are doing enough, that it can still makes a big difference..
oh, she went there, yes she did. unbelievable.. she tried to cover by saying he terrorized the house... so michelle, russell, jeff and jordan got real tight and nat lydia made up a lie and had kevin tell jeff that michelle and russ want him out and he totally fell for it!? everything is falling apart now....
lol 10 o'clock too late you can count me in, dd is 20 and ds is 16. dd has had some rough years but has come through it. she still lives with me but is slowly coming into her own. its been harder with her for me because when she was 14 She stopped talking to me and has only recently started again. it was so hard. ds does talk to me, he is having trouble right now having out of control emotions. i am just glad he trusts me enough to talk to me about it.
that was a good show last night, I can't wait until tomorrow!! Jeff and Jordan's engagement was so funny. I love Michelle as HOH
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