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let me know what you think of the book .. oh that reminds me of a book i heard of called what color is your parachute ... i heard that was a good one
I don't know anything about this but I found it on a google search ... it might be something worth looking into http://www.okmarriage.org/services/F...Counseling.asp
What did you do in the retirement home? Was it the job you hated or the environment? I flashed on something with older people doing something like activities director or something like that?
You might want to consider the idea that once he has the "freedom" he will see what he is missing all on his own. DH and I went through this early in our relationship, we separated for a year .. it was really good for our relationship.. we both grew and we both realized how important we were to eachother.
oh, me too! I keep thinking I need something new - I am 42 yo and still qualify for food stamps.. this is just silly. I like the website above ..
Quote: Originally Posted by VBMama We (dh & I) lost a friend to suicide over the weekend . I liked the suggestion that every time he types in a "b" or whatever friends dh pops up and it did not happen the last time ... a very simple explanation ... please take care of yourself right now ..
Quote: Originally Posted by rambunctiouscurls Yeah, what was that about? On BB after dark, Russell seemed to be spreading rumours about Michelle. Chima didn't believe him and called him out for stirring up trouble so they got into a fight. I'm really disappointed to see Russell being a liar and a jerk again Jesse and Nat made up a bunch of lies about Michelle and told Russell, and he believed them... sigh - oh! I read yesterday that in...
I guess there were some big fights last night .. and chima and russ really got into it ... jesse is really getting in russel's head.. its too bad, I hope he snaps out of it pretty soon... but he is really starting to be a jerk again .. too bad
russ really wants ronnie out, but things are not looking so great tonight, jesse is getting in russel's head.
I can't see any way Jeff wont win the wizard power (that is what they are calling it lol)
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