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thank you, it gives me so much joy and comfort. i wish my mama had recorded something before she died. i have heard rumours that she did but its been hard to track down.
he nominated lyida and ronnie. Ronnie went up to the hoh room last night crying and lying and trying to throw jeff and jordan under the bus for the whole back door russell thing, but it doesn't look like russ is buying what he's selling lol
like the big babies that they are. ronnie is hiding in the room reading the bible. jesse and nat are whispering in corners trying to find a way to save him. not gonna happen.
if your relationship is intimant enough i would tell her that all these sick days have you suspicious and ask her if she thinks he still has his job. and as far as insurance goes if he has no job she may quality for state aid, which could end up saving her a lot of money. cobra and copays can get very expensive.
yea, they are they think they are the good guys though .... and now michelle won pov all is right with the world...
my 16 yo is the same way, in fact so is my dh. when ds was little and would spend the day with dh sometimes they wouldn't eat all day! i just try to keep things around the house that i know he will eat when he is beyond hungry.. because it's hard to eat sometimes when you are that hungry. i know he'll eat bagels and cream cheese so i try to make sure we have them.
ok i can't take it, we need a bb spoiler thread. i can't do those spoiler tag things on my phone. so! russell has gone to the dark side yea! and now he's hoh .. and jesse and nat are squirming... lol and ronnie may just be out for the count this time
in my life i have known many people that anti depressants have worked wonders for, and many that have had no relief and others that have had very bad reactions. as far as natural remedies go, i work for a psychiatrist and she prefers not to use drugs. she has seen the best results with the alpha stim .. google it .. it is really amazing. another suggestion is to look into raiki and bowenwork. my dd did that when she had ppd.. that was pretty amazing too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Apple Girl Ok, I've got one - I'm way too emotionally invested in this to know if I'm seeing this clearly - DH has been complaining of some medical issues with his throat/lungs. What's up? Is it real, or psychosomatic? Should he go to the Dr. again? Any ideas are appreciated! The feelings I get are that he is fine, or will be fine, I can't really tell the difference - I would have it checked out in any case...
Quote: Originally Posted by les7699 I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was spoiler info, I got it off the afterdark program I guess, when you watch 3 hours of it a day, it kinda blends in with the cbs episodes. I know, srsly i think we need a seperate spoiler thread ...
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