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Quote: Originally Posted by Porcelain Interior STOP! Hammer time! lol, I don’t mean to go off topic here, but this may apply to the op too Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances. for me soon after they moved in dd learned she was pregnant - the situation became sticky and I did not want to risk her running off with them wherever they might go if I kicked them out. and I did not want to start some kind of family feud ... in a way I was...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lily's_Mom : Today is my birthday too! yey! Happy birthday!!!!!!
thank you!! I came in to work today and my desk was all decorated and I had presents yippie!
Its my birthday today! I just wanted to celebrate with you all
Quote: Originally Posted by kittynurse Oh that's a bummer. I guess I'll just have to be patient and see what unfolds. Martha well maybe it was because of what A&A said, that it would not be a traditional friendship...
Quote: Originally Posted by laohaire Another whole family lived with you for THREE YEARS???????????????????????????????????????????? omg, I almost hate to talk about it because people are often like "how stupid are you?" kind of thinking lol ... but it was him, his mom, his sister who was 19 and his brother who was 12. Yes 3 years in a 3 bedroom with my mother living in the downstairs duplex (oh she was not happy about this)
Quote: Originally Posted by kittynurse Sorry, to be a pain. I'm really hoping someone will have some insight on this. Thanks Martha When I read this last night I got a "no" hit, but was not sure what it really meant ... I don't know if its that she does not want to, or if she can't, or if you can't - or if the timing is just not right at this time ... it is not all that clear to me. I think it may be important to you because there is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cherie2 ok nobody had any insights on my work life so i will be more specific .. am i moving in the right direction? or beating a dead horse? do i need a new path? or keep trying? I got a free birthday tarot reading - you can read it here if you want to http://bit.ly/IxI35 so i did the question "am I moving in the right direction?" .. it is hard for me to interpret, it seems to have conflicting answers ... hmm...
btdt when dd was 16 her boyfriends family lost their house and i let them stay for a while until they got another place.. 3 years later.... the mom was helpful, but really it was h e double hockey sticks..
we are used to maybe 80s in the heat of the summer, well today was 106! i cant take this..
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